10 Free Programs You Need on Your New PC 2018 Edition

In case you bought a new PC or you are a new owner of a PC than to have an easy life you will need to install some applications to help you have the things done. This article is addressing to Windows users but also to Linux user, although most of the Linux distributions come with most of the programs out of the box.

To be as productive as you can you need to have a good browser, ( most of the activities are performed online these days and a good browser can make the difference), a text editor to better format everything, antivirus and much more tools to help you with a new installation.

I have come across the below video from TechGumbo that makes a very interesting list of the top programs that you need to have on a new PC in 2018. It has everything you need, the list with the program category is:


  • Internet Browser
  • Office Suite
  • Media Player
  • Image Editor
  • Gaming
  • PC Cleaner
  • Torrent Client
  • Security
  • Text Editor
  • Storage
  • Automated Installer
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Some other interesting applications I have found on: https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/getting-a-new-pc-12-must-have-applications-to-install-first/

Between the two of them, you will have everything you need on a new PC.