10 iPhone Apps Every Lawyer Should Have

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10 iPhone Apps Every Lawyer Should Have

Lawyers are among the people who use iPhones as their personal mobile phone as well as their working device. Most of them have realized that iPhone has a number of applications specifically designed for their needs. iPhone has numerous applications for dozens of rules for both state and federal, as well as others that make billable day quite easier. This article guides you through 10 iPhone apps that a lawyer must have.

CLE Tracker-
This application helps lawyers track their CLE hours by their observance period and has a summing up page that shows how much you need in the specific area. This application allows you to email your credit information directly. This application is however, not available for all the states, nevertheless those in Florida, California, Texas and New York are covered.
Billing Timer
This application helps to keep several time sheets open and includes shifts for every task. It helps keep you up to every tenth of an hour, when you start a task you just select start and the timer starts recording your shift. It also provides a section to comment on each task the information can either be uploaded or emailed out.
Civ Pro Rules-
This application contains numerous rules of evidence, federal and state rules of civil procedures allowing you to search title, rule as well as phrase. This application allows you to email sections of the rules to yourself.
The Black Law Dictionary
This is probably the first book that almost every law student buys when they enter a law school. Although experienced lawyers go for a period of time without using it, it is important to have it you never know when you need it.

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Delaware Code

Another important application for both litigators and lawyers as they all need to know the Delaware corporations law, irrespective of where one practices. It helps lawyers during their appearance in a chancery court.
Day Calculator for Lawyers
Are you tired of putting your finger on your calendar to tally days till motions are due? This application helps count the court days for you. All you have to do is to select the jurisdiction and then input the days to the deadline and the application provides you with the exact day taking into account weekends and holidays.

Dictation Device

Lawyers can easily use their cell phones as a dictation device with the help of this application designed for recording. It offers an easier way for lawyers to take notes while they are on the road.
Local Restaurant Guide
This application is not only useful to lawyers but anyone else who need to find out where he or she can dine or take friends for a dinner in an unfamiliar location.

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A lawyer said it
This application contains searchable quotes from great lawyers such as Ralph Nader and David Boies. Lawyers often use this application while arguing with other lawyers to support their case.
Game On
Although this application may not help your legal occupation, it will definitely help you go through the numerous boring meetings. It offers a number of games ideal for lawyers and a perfect way to unwind.


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