Why the 21st Century is the Golden Age of Television

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In the not so distant past, only movie actors were considered worthy enough of high-end tabloids. No matter how hard they tried and how brilliant their acting was, no television actors were ever taken seriously, until they had at least one a-list movie title behind them. Today, however, the tables have turned and some TV show actors are known for making as much money as some of the greatest Hollywood stars. The names of the producers of Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead and House M.D. are respected almost as much as those of the iconic movie directors. Because of this and much more, a lot of people believe that the 21st century is the golden age of television. Why? Mostly because of the internet revolution.


Enter Streaming Services

The nature of the TV shows was known to have been quite inconvenient for most people. The show airs on a certain day at the certain hour and everyone not able to be next to the TV is going to miss it. An unfavorable schedule sometimes acted as a natural deterrent even if the show was of quality production. A perfect example of this is Fox’s iconic Sci-Fi series Firefly and NBC’s Hannibal, because they were both placed in the so-called Friday night death slot. This is why the appearance of the streaming services was quite revolutionary, since it allowed viewers to choose when and what to watch. This means that, thanks to Netflix and similar services, a viewer is no longer a slave to the TV channel’s schedule.

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Smart TV

It’s a fact that millennials no longer find use in one-purpose items. Why wear a watch when you have a clock on your phone, which is, apart from this, also capable of many other services? For this exact reason, TV started to stagnate during the late 2000s, and it is now brought back to life thanks to the smart TV-set. This device can be connected to your computer and your router, which allows it to have its own internet connection. True, prices of smart TVs are still quite steep, but they’re getting more affordable by the hour. Still, a powerful PC configuration, a quality smart TV and an affordable Foxtel broadband plan are all one needs for a perfect entertainment setting in 2016.


Social Media Influence

Finally, in order to get hooked on a TV show just one decade back, you had to hear about it from someone or catch it on TV by accident. Today, however, social networks can inform you about everything worth watching. Even people who have never watched a single Game of Thrones episode know all the characters and plot twists that happen in the show. That’s not surprising, considering that, for a few days after a new episode airs, this is all people talk about on Facebook and Twitter. Some shows even deliberately use social networks for viewer engagement. Annoying as this may seem, this particular online phenomenon is paving a way for this industry, making present day TV at its all-time high.

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Hyper-connectivity of our world means more viewers, and more viewers always mean more money. As these funds find their way to the TV show’s budgets, the quality of production undoubtedly grows. A greater number of aspiring actors dream of the TV, rather than the silver screen, which truly testifies that the era of television has finally come.

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