3 Effective CD Duplication Strategies For The Holiday Season

Once more Christmas is near!  And everyone knows that this is one of the best opportunity for music groups or bands to launch a holiday album for people to send gifts and cards to each other, and also for businesses to provide a gift of appreciation to their best clients and employees.  Despite the fact that sales of CD’s in the music industry are down, CD’s are still present and demand for these are still there.  As opposed to some figures, CD as a good medium is not obsolete.  CD-Roms and CD’s are still preferred by businesses and musicians as their primary medium.

If you plan to send out some files in a CD ROM to your friends and families, limited edition CD’s to your top supporters, or demo CD’s for your clients this season, then here are a few tips for CD duplication this holiday season:

ber month
To bands, make your music ready before the “Ber” Month

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This is a must.  For new bands who would like to launch a holiday album for the very fist time.  In case your band is preparing to launch a Christmas album, then it is advisable not to hold it until the last week of November to finish the arrangement.  This is the time where most CD duplication firms are busy and it’s not advisable to risk late submissions.  Consider that only few people who listen Christmas songs right after Christmas.  Keep in mind that people listen to Christmas songs a month before December.  As I stated in the last paragraph, if you plan to release a holiday music album, then  prepare everything before the month of September or else take the risk of losing money.

Do It Yourself if you burn less than 20 CD’s

There are some CD duplication firms they accept retail orders for as few as 10 copies, but this will surely cost you a lot.  If you’re planning to deliver your CD’s to your loved ones, I recommend to just burn discs on your PC or laptop and package it in a creative recycled material to have the ideal customized CD packaging.
CD packaging
To Businesses, be strategic and creative with CD packaging

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Businesses understand the worth of every chance that is not taken and taken. For that reason, make sure that your CD packaging is not just as plain CD packaging, but a great marketing instrument.  First of all, put all the required information like QR codes, contact details, and website address.  After this, you must provide your packaging with personality.  If your company is selling environmentally friendly items, then it’s advisable to use recyclable material or eco-friendly packaging.  You can also utilize plastic materials that dissolve in water.  This could definitely create a positive impression to your clients.  If you are selling cars, create a CD packaging that they can cut and build a car together with your contact details.

Then here you go, this holiday season is the best time for us to examine and look at the months that have passed.  It’s a good chance for us to show our appreciation to our loyal fans, loved ones, and good employees.  Express that you care by giving them CD’s with quality packaging and great content.  Any ideas on how to effectively do CD duplication and packaging this holiday season,  add something that will improve this article, please let me know by posting it in the comments section.  I will be more than happy to hear them.

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