3 Ways Small Businesses Are Saving Money with Cloud Computing Solutions

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Cloud computing continues to be a hot topic in today’s IT world. A majority of large corporations have already discovered a diverse set of methods and applications to utilize cloud computing to achieve a variety of goals. Unfortunately, many small businesses have still not taken the necessary steps to gain the maximum benefits cloud computing can offer.


Why Are Small Businesses Not Maximizing the Benefits of Cloud Computing?


There are two primary reasons small businesses are still not actively seeking cloud-based solutions. The first is a lack of awareness about the benefits of cloud computing. Many small business owners do not have the resources to maintain a large IT department which inhibits them from making large-scale changes unless the benefits are notable and easy to predict. Another reason small business are not yet turning to the cloud en masse is because of a lack of knowledge about how to switch from their traditional infrastructure and processes to cloud computing solutions.

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Cloud Computing Offers Low, Flexible Pricing Formats


The most obvious benefit of cloud computing solutions is the ability of small businesses to take advantage of low, flexible pricing formats. According to several surveys, low pricing is the primary reason cloud computing is currently a consideration of SMB’s. In many cases, cloud-based applications provide a free trial or free version which small businesses can utilize until their needs require a subscription. Additionally, if a subscription is required small businesses benefit from knowing exactly what they will pay up front. Not only do they gain the option to pay for their services at a single, flat monthly rate, but they also can gain significant discounts by making a single annual payment rather than monthly payments.


Cloud Computing Requires Minimal Maintenance


Another benefit of cloud computing solutions for small businesses is they rarely require anything to be downloaded or installed. Instead, everything is accessed directly from the web-based interface. This allows small business owners and employees to simply log into their account and start working. Not only is the initial setup process almost entirely eliminated, but all of the upgrade and maintenance is taken care of by the provider rather than the small business. This allows small business owners to focus on their core strengths rather than worrying about maintaining their applications.

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Online Collaboration and Anywhere Access Improves Productivity


A final way small businesses have discovered they can save money through the use of Dallas Colocation. On one hand, online collaboration allows small businesses to outsource daily tasks or specific projects quickly and easily. All they need to do is give the freelancer access to the applicable cloud-based application for a short time. Additionally, numerous studies have shown that when employees work from home their productivity significantly increases. Some have reported that small businesses can gain the equivalent of an additional three days of work per month, per employee which primarily work from home.


While cloud computing solutions are still not considered to be widely adopted across the small business landscape, the money-saving benefits, increased amount of available information and ability to easily transition from traditional infrastructure to cloud-based platforms ensures its popularity will continue to grow.


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  1. Cloud computing is a wonderufll feature today , but still people doubt its security and privacy it offers :/ But it is really safe.

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