4 Ways to Save Time on Chores in Your Office

An office is supposed to be all about work. However, like any other living space, it requires frequent upkeep and maintenance in form of chores. Make no mistake, if a person spends 8 hours in a place, it’s their living environment, which means that they have to eat, drink, go to the bathroom, go on breaks and do all sorts of other activities.

Unfortunately, tending to an office always takes time during the work hours (you can’t expect your team to stay for two hours longer so that they can tidy up) which is problematic for several reasons. First, it means that someone has to leave their main task (the one that they’re paid for) in order to do these chores, which is both a distraction and a nuisance. Luckily, there are several ways to save time on chores in your office and here are some of them.


1.      Outsourcing

The simplest, the most elegant and by far the most common solution to this problem lies in the notion known as outsourcing. What this entails is the idea that you get a cleaning business to tend to these services. We’re talking about dusting desks, wiping floors and watering plants. All of this can be done by a professional company at an affordable price.

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The downside of this is that you’re supposed to let people who haven’t undergone a vetting process, unsupervised in your office. Keep in mind that this maintenance often takes place over the weekend or in the after-hours. Moreover, some areas and equipment need special care, which is why cleaning them irresponsibly (or even in the regular way), may cause a massive problem.

2.      Automation

The next thing you should consider is automating at least some processes around the office. For instance, by automating your thermostat and AC (going smart), you will ensure that keeping the optimal temperature in the office isn’t a responsibility of any individual. Yet, there’s more you can do. Self-watering planters are yet another great idea and, aside from keeping people off this task, this ensures that the amount of irrigation that your plants receive is just right. Other than this, you can also invest in a robot vacuum cleaner. This too can make a difference in the amount of work necessary for the maintenance.

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3.      Better organization

Another thing you can do is start your workday with cleaning and end it in the same fashion. What we mean by this is that you should spend 10 to 15 minutes at the beginning and the end of each day on maintenance. As long as your team does it before they start work and after they’re already done, you’ll ensure that they’re not distracted from their main task. Moreover, if their workday starts at 9, make sure to keep this session from 9:00 to 9:15, not from 8:45 to 9:00. In this way, they won’t feel cheated out of their free time or like they’re working half an hour longer every day for free. Sure, to you, this may seem like its wasted half an hour, but keeping your office neat is more than worth it.

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4.      Everyone is in charge of their own desk

Lastly, a lot of trouble, when it comes to this topic, comes from the fact that people like to shift responsibility onto others. However, what if you were to make it so simple that they can no longer do so? For instance, if you were to say that every person’s desk is their own responsibility? Just something worth thinking about.

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At the end of the day, there’s no rule that prevents you from combining all of these methods. For instance, by having a robot cleaner, you’ll need significantly less vacuuming, which means that you could afford to go for much cheaper cleaning services. Also, if your team decides to help out, there’ll be even less to clean. This way, you’ll be able to have cleaners over once per week, instead of hiring them on a daily basis. This will be less risky, less disruptive and, overall, more convenient for your business.