5 Advantages Behind the Use of Testimonials

Testimonials are a marketing technique that is used by virtually every serious digital marketer out there. Ideally, organic testimonials are what you’re aiming for; yet, for new businesses (without a steady and loyal customer base) they might be quite tricky to obtain. This makes some entrepreneurs question the cost-effectiveness of focusing on testimonials in the first place. In order to get rid of any kind of doubt on this topic, here are several advantages behind the use of testimonials that you seriously need to consider.

1.      Proof of client loyalty

The first thing you need to understand about a testimonial is the fact that not every satisfied customer is going to leave one. In fact, your product may be performing admirably despite the fact that no one is leaving reviews. So, what does this say about people who are actually going to invest that extra effort to leave a positive review? First of all, it means that they’re so ecstatic about it that they’re willing to share this with the world. This makes your brand, in general, much more appealing and trustworthy to those who are yet to make up their mind.

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2.      Feedback

Testimonials are also a great source of customer feedback. You and every person on your team are insiders, which means that you see your business and the service that it’s providing from a much different light. You know things that a regular customer might not notice, you see things that shouldn’t be there and have expectations where others may not. Through feedback you get the privilege of seeing your business through the eyes of the outsider, which gives you a unique opportunity to make some improvements. While there are other ways to receive feedback, this usually turns out as the most insightful.

3.      Bragging rights

Other than this, you also get some bragging rights and the ability to demonstrate superiority over your competitors. Sure, they’re bound to use testimonials of their own, however, even the quality of these testimonials is comparable. The most reliable way to get online reviews that are both well-written and organic is to find a reliable marketing agency that provides these services. This way, you get reviews written by real users of your products, instead of a scenario where a handful of marketers leave comments through various personas.

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4.      Amazing icebreaker

There are so many products that you would just love to purchase but fear to do so because you aren’t sure just how well the product performs in practice. Therefore, you would much rather if someone else was to buy the product first, do a review or leave a comment for you to see. Sure, performance can be predicted from specifications, yet, there are some things that need to be tested in person. Alas, no one wants to put themselves at risk and become the one who does the testing. This is why testimonials may do wonders for your sales and become a major asset in boosting your product’s trustworthiness.

5.      FOMO

Finally, by using testimonials in just the right way you’re using the FOMO (fear of missing out) phenomenon to your advantage. By witnessing positive experiences of those who already made the right choice of doing business with you, consumers might start feeling like they’re missing out, which is a powerful motivator. Listing statistics about your sales and popularity of your products may sound good on paper but it’s much more convincing hearing about the fact that an actual person seems to be content with the product in question. Sure, you can use other FOMO strategies, as well, yet, nothing is quite effective as well-written testimonials.

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Each of these five advantages alone brings something unique to your enterprise, regardless if it’s a chance to create a more effective business model or make your brand more appealing to your audience. However, due to the fact that you get to reap all of these advantages at the same time, it’s quite clear that acquiring some testimonials needs to become one of your top priorities. In the early days of your business, this can give you the quickest boost.