5 Awesome and Useful Features of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean

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We can enjoy lot of fresh upgrades to the previous version of Android. The new android version’s store application includes music explorer & an option of music shopping. Its operating system is somehow same as that of Android 4.1. We will take a tour of 5 best features of Android 4.2 here:

Daydream Mode:

Basically daydream is a screensaver. Users have a choice between shifting colors, clock or photos. Photos are displayed in either “photo table” mode or in slideshow. Daydream mode is a new feature & more potential is there for some new features as well. With daydream mode you can have a display of useful & delightful information when docked or idle. You can also get latest new alerts form Google currents.

Multi-user Support:

The biggest innovation in Android 4.2 is its multi-user support. With Android 4.2, configuration of home screen (with apps, widgets & backgrounds) wouldn’t be difficult. This feature is for powered tablets & not for smartphones. This feature allows everybody to have his own space.

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Smarter Keyboard Along With Gesture Typing:

Now writing messages has become easy with gesture typing. You just have to glide the finger over those letters you want to type, there is no need to worry about spacing, as it has been automatically added for the convenience of users. One unique thing is that the keyboard predicts next word so that the user can complete his sentence by just selecting the next word, which saves time. Coming towards Android dictionaries, these are more relevant & accurate now.

Photosphere Camera:

With photosphere camera of Android 4.2 you can take snaps in any direction. It comes with immense & incredible spheres. These spheres help you to be in right scene. You can have a view of the snaps right on the phone at any time. You can also share the snaps on Google+ with your family & friends. You can even share it with whole world by adding the snaps to Google Maps.

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Home Screen Personalization:

With Android 4.2, Jelly Bean, you can personalize your home screen very easily; widgets can be placed on home screen. Sometimes widgets become big. In this case, widgets can be resized on their own. You can also interact with your favorite applications and also customize your home screen.
Final Words:

  • Now we summarize major good inclusions in Android 4.2:
  • It has good security features.
  • New features in Android 4.2 help to be competitive in the market.
  • Multi-user support is yet another good option for families for sharing the devices.
  • Quick settings have also been included to the notification panel.
  • Personalization is not a difficult thing as Android 4.2 gives freedom to user about customization.

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  1. I think you forgot the easy screenshot option.
    in jelly bean taking screenshot has became extremely easy, and now it can be done without any external app.

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