5 Best Wireless Chargers for Galaxy S9

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If you possess the Galaxy S9 and you are preparing to purchase a charger for the gadget, why not buy a wireless Galaxy S9 charger and do away with scrambled wires once and for all.

We have selected the best five wireless chargers, stands, charging pads, (or whatever you want to call them) that can work with the Galaxy S9 smartphone.

1. Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand (2018 Edition)

What can wireless smartphone accessory suit the Galaxy S9 better than the one was designed by Samsung precisely for the new flagship? The Qi certified Samsung Wireless Charging Stand (2018 Edition) is specially made for the innovative flagship pair and comes ready with all the whistles and bells one might require from a wireless smartphone charger. The stylish and sleek Galaxy S9 device brings cutting-edge wireless charging technology and can juice up the Galaxy S9 within several hours.

The Qi certified Samsung Wireless Charging Stand (2018 Edition) also comes fortified with a colorful LED halo ring which specifies the charging position of the smartphone. The Wireless Charging Stand also works with other Qi-enabled gadgets and has been manufactured to the highest quality and safety standards with a 1-year standard warranty on Amazon. The certified Samsung wireless charging pack comes with a fast charge wall charger and a charging stand and comes in two color choices viz. Black Sapphire and White.

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2. Anker PowerPort 10 Wireless Charging Pad

There is no need to introduce Anker since the establishment has a firm standing for providing impressive smartphone charging devices, and the PowerPort 10 Wireless charger is one of their top smartphone accessories. The Anker wireless charger has a solid build and brags of a distinctive non-slip charger that claims to provide a 2x charging speed edge over other available options in the market.

The Anker PowerPort 10 has two charging modes, a quick Charge Mode and a Regular Charge Mode with 10W and 5W charging output individually. Furthermore, the Anker PowerPort 10 wireless charger also has a distinctive LED light on its edges which specify the charging status of the smartphone, and also it comes with some internally built safety features like voltage surge protection, temperature control, and short circuit protection. The PowerPort 10 wireless charger comes with an 18 months warranty. However, you have to purchase the well-matched wall charger independently.

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3. ESR Ultra Slim Qi Wireless Charging Pad

The ESR Ultra Slim Qi Wireless smartphone Charger is among the best wireless chargers out there. The ESR Ultra Slim Qi Wireless smartphone Charger is a reasonably influential device and offers two charging modes,normal charging mode and the fast charging method with a max output of 9 Volts and 1.1 Amps which is adequate to quickly charge a smartphone’s battery within a few hours.

The ESR Ultra Slim Qi Wireless smartphone Charger comes with an anti-skid rubber kind of ring on the charging pad to ensure that the smartphone does not slip and fall, and also it features a circular soft LED light that thumps to notify customers about their charging progress. The ESR Ultra Slim Qi Wireless smartphone Charger has a lot going in its favor, like its moderately low price tag, lifetime warranty, and excellent design.


4. RAVPower Standard Qi Wireless Charger

The RAVPower Regular Qi Wireless charger is among the highly-rated products on Amazon, which says so many things about the product quality and the way the end users have taken it. The RAVPower Standard Qi Wireless charger has a compressed build and it comes fortified with a simple LED light that sparks in numerous colors to indicate the charging status of a smartphone.

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The RAVPower Standard Qi Wireless charger offers a max charging output of around 10W and uses the company’s technology to handle sudden current overcharging, voltage surge/sudden current, temperature spike, etc.


5. Yootech Qi Wireless Smartphone Charger

The Yootech Qi Wireless smartphone Charger is one of the inexpensive wireless chargers on our list, although its design paints a different picture. The Yootech wireless charger provides a max charging output of 5V/1000 mA.

. The Yootech wireless charger has the ability to quickly juice up a smartphone within 3-4 hours and it has an 18 months quality assurance warranty.




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