5 Great Video Editing iPhone Apps

iphonevideoeditingWith the current evolution of technology, there is no surprise that there are a lot of apps out there that are used for video editing purposes on iOS devices. This article suggests the top 5 video editing apps for iPhone and most of these are free to download in App store.

  •  Viddy – this is an easy and free to download app that will allow users to create effects on ordinary video clips which were taken using the iPhone. Users will not only capture special moments through videos, but also help beautify it. These stunning and unique video clips can also be shared in various social networking sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. It helps unleash one’s creativity using various effects available in this application.
  • Videolicious – this video editing application is considered a gem. The video app is user-friendly and very fast too. In fact, the video editing procedure can be done in just three steps. Initial step is to create the video that you want, then tell a story with the video and lastly, choose the music that you want for the video. The application will automatically sync your video and chose music.
  • Cute Cut – this is another free to download app for video editing. If you want your videos to look professionally done, this is the right choice. This video editing software will give you an output that looks like it was done using your personal computer. First time users of this app should not worry because there are helpful pop-ups that will guide them throughout the process. One of the interesting features of this software is the pre-made transitions that you can use for the videos that you have made. It also allows you to place a video inside t the video clip that you are working on.
  • Splice – if you are one of those people who want their videos to be combined with texts, audio files, photos and video clips, this application is the right one for you. Once you have edited your videos using this award winning software, you can also share this online. The video editing app is almost similar to the video editing software that you can use on your personal computer. You can add background music, borders, transitions, sound effects, audio voice over and a lot more.
  • VideoPix – if you want to add the effects of slowing down or speeding up on your videos, this is the right application for you. If you want to filter your videos or crop them, you can do so by using this application for iPhone. The unique video clips output can be shared on Facebook and other social networking sites.
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If you have not used any of these apps yet, check them out the next time you visit the App store. Enhance your personal videos by using these editing applications on your iPhone. Assembling and editing videos have never been this easy by simply using your IOS devices. Give your videos the professional appeal by downloading and using any of the top five video editing apps for iPhone.