6 Grammarly Alternatives For All Your Academic Needs

Grammarly makes the competition look bad – and your writing better. It’s an essential tool for blog writers, students, professors, businesspeople… pretty much anyone who writes daily. But sadly it doesn’t come without an $11.66 mostly price tag.

After doing some research, we’ve stumbled on several apps and plug-ins (mostly plug-ins) which get the job done. Some of them are paid, some free – but all are surely just like Grammarly.

Without further ado, here are six alternatives where you can fix your grammar and more.


Study abroad students love this app because of the translation feature. Being able to translate 40 different languages helps study abroad students break the language barrier and sound like native-speakers in their writing.

Like Grammarly, this tool has a grammar and punctuation checker and comes in both British and American English. There is a free and premium version, but we recommend the premium. For $7.49 a month, you can not only edit the mistakes in your text but learn proper punctuation and create a personal dictionary to fit your writing style.

Ginger is also commonly used by bloggers and teachers in the academic community.

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EssayPro isn’t a grammar checker. It’s a trustworthy essay writer service which also gets the job done. Many bloggers refer to such services because of their professional writers, who produce hundreds of academic papers daily.

The benefit of using an essay service over a grammar checker is that you get a real person and native-speaker to proofread your work. They’ve got access to all the Grammarly’s you can imagine. If you’ve got one piece of work you wish to check, you can avoid paying that dreadful monthly fee. Just send your work to EssayPro for proofreading, and they’ll fix it up.

Hemingway app

Of all the alternatives to Grammarly, this must be our favorite. It features an attractive experimental approach which doesn’t merely fix grammar but improves your overall writing.

This app is inspired by iconic American writer Ernest Hemingway who writes boldly and straightforwardly. Being true to the writing style of Hemingway, this app helps with basic grammar, highlights long, winded sentences and suggest shortening them for the sake of simplicity.

Putting your text through Hemingway changes it, making it more readable and straightforward. Also, the website looks great, and it’s straightforward to use. Check it out!

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ProWritingAid made this list because of just how similar it is to Grammarly. The website looks like a direct competitor, with ProWritingAid promising to help you achieve new heights with your writing.

This app can fit your writing to various writing styles including business, academic, blog post, and formal writing. Downloading the extension can be heaven on a laptop. It highlights grammar and punctuation errors, oversized and cliche words – everything Grammarly does. It also features a Thesaurus tool, which allows you to click on a word and see a list of synonyms or better word choices.

The awkward part is their subscription. So it’s $50 for a year and $175 for a lifetime subscription. It’s quite pricey, but there’s a free version which you can try out.


WhiteSmoke is not only a proofreading tool but a writing app too – with its slogan being “Just Write.” Mentioned by The Observer, Forbes, and several universities, WhiteSmoke seems like another classic Grammarly competitor.

The grammar checker looks for over 16 areas of a sentence. It highlights incorrect use of tense, punctuation, fragments, word choice and everything a grammar checker does. Like ProWritingAid it also has a thesaurus, and it explains why each error is an error. Pretty good for language learners.

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They also have writing templates which can help you write resumes, emails, cover letters, and reports faster. However, once you hit their website, the logo and several elements look slightly blurry and unfinished. This begs the question, “when was this app last updated?”

WhiteSmoke comes at $6.66 per month for their Essential plan, while the premium version is $10 per month.


Moving on to the free apps – GrammarLookup.com is a website which says it uses artificial intelligence to check your work. They allegedly have an “extensive and ever-evolving database,” and they’re free to use.

Students who need the quickest free grammar check can quickly go on their website and give it a shot. Many blogs mention this site as being similar to an evolved version of the grammar checker in MS Word or Google Docs.

Not many selling points but hey – it’s free.


The final app on our list is JetPack. It has the nicest and cleanest interface of all free grammar checkers. The app scans your text and showing errors in red green and blue.

Red means the spelling is incorrect, green shows grammar errors, and blue suggests better writing choices. Much like other apps, this one looks out for cliches, drawn-out sentences, slang and jargon, double negatives and all that.

For users of WordPress, JetPack is an already built-in plugin. So there’s no need for extra downloads and registrations. It’s completely free, and it does all your proofreading quickly and efficiently.