A Guide to Choosing Electric Folding Bikes

The electric folding bike industry is currently in trend because they provide more convenience and are easily accessible. The options available are designed to access smaller places and be folded into smaller packages. It has a battery-powered motor that assists when riding.

 It also has equipped with a small digital display that allows riders to alternate between the lower and higher amount of motor input as they ride. It offers a versatile solution for commuters or anyone who wants their journey to the subway/metro much comfortable.

Do you wish to know how to get the best folding e bike under $1000 but of the best kind? This write-up will provide you with the best tips and strategies to employ when shopping for an electric folding bike.

Know your Budget

Before finding the e-bike that is right for you, you must first set a budget that you can work with.

Finding the amount, you have at your disposal for your purchase will help you a lot. Several electric folding bicycles are available at low cost, while there are some at the higher-end of the spectrum.

In truth, you will get added features and lighter weight materials when you pay more for your e-bike.

Your Reason for Purchase

It would be best if you know what you want from the bicycle before buying it. This way, you will easily find the one that suits your purpose. If you are using the bike for a commute, then you’ll need to find the one suitable for that purpose. You can check this link for suggestions on choosing the right transportation for you. 

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If you intend to have fun with your electric bicycle, then you will not have the same criteria set out for the one for a commute. If you intend to use yours for commute, then you’ll probably need comfort and ride-ability.

While if you need your electrical wheeler for fun, you can do without ride-ability and just look for a wheeler with elegant features that will provide you with an enjoyable experience.

Those looking for an electric two-wheeler for commute purposes will need to shop for a wheeler with a great seater at an inclined position for better comfort.

If you are packing bags with you on your ride, then you’ll need a wheeler that has a rack compartment to store your bags.

With all being said, make sure you know what you want in your electric bicycle before shopping for one. The webpage here https://www.bicycling.com/culture/g20085571/ride-electric-bike-safely/ has more tips on electric bicycles. 


When purchasing any type of electrical folder wheeler, you need to pay close attention to the motor that comes with it. The kind of engine you get in your e-bike will determine the performance you get from it. Most people who know all about electric folder bikes will go as far as checking the placement of the motor for better handling and more comfortable transport.

Hub motors are mostly used in an electric folder wheeler because of their small footprint. Hub motors are structured either at the back or front of the wheeler. Other than the hub motors, there’s the mid-drive motor.

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A mountain rider who wants the best result from their e-bike should shop for a mid-drive motor. Mid-drive motors are structured for off-road adventures and provide better performance going uphill.

Most of the plug-in folder wheelers you’ll find cut of assistance at around 20mph. If you plan on going hire, you need a heavier option or much larger footprints.


The bike’s wheel size is another factor to consider when shopping for your electric folder bike. It would suit you most to have convenience and accessibility. An e-bike that is relatively compact and easy to move around.

Most of the electric folder bikes offered at low prices usually have wheel sizes ranging from 16 to 20-inches. Anything larger might provide better experiences but wouldn’t provide the same portability and convenience.


It would help you a lot in your experience if your e-bicycle had a replaceable battery. The batteries in e-bicycles are lithium-ion, and they degrade over time.

The lithium batteries enable great features in your bicycle but wear off as time goes on, limiting your experience. So, your e bicycle should have a spare battery to provide you with its purpose for a very long time. Most of the pricy electric folder bikes have replaceable batteries, but the cheaper ones might not.

If your budgeted sum for an electric bicycle isn’t enough for a spare battery, I recommend buying an extra lithium-ion battery on the side. Note that lithium batteries shouldn’t be stored in cold or damp areas.

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A garage or shed isn’t conducive for lithium batteries, which is ironic because it’s where most people keep their bicycles. The best place to store a lithium-ion battery is in a sturdy or fireproof cabinet.

Assistance Level

The different e-bicycles available vary in the set-up. However, all of them provide an equivalent of low, medium, and high assistance modes. These usually result in the bicycle matching your input, slightly surpassing your input, or doubling it.

Display Unit

The display unit is located on your bicycle’s handlebars and enables you to adjust the assistance level as you ride. It is now a fact that some control display units are much more comfortable and clearer to use.


The brakes on an e-bicycle are similar to the ones on a regular bike.

The bicycle you plan on shopping for must have one of the following braking systems:

V-brakes, mainly for off-road and touring bikes, come with easily replaceable cartridges.

Caliper brakes; found on road or race bicycles. Caliper brakes are much smaller and lighter than v-brakes.

Disc brakes, found in professional cycling bikes, possess increased stopping power in moist conditions.

Final Note

It is best to choose a transportation that offers a smooth riding experience with sturdy wheels.

In terms of comfort and portability, you can check online to find what others have to say about the best options. The safety features are also something you want to consider, so you should take your time when in the market for electric folding bikes.