A Guide to Make Free Calls Using Facebook Messenger for iPhone and iOS Devices

If you are a dedicated Facebook follower and an equally devoted iPhone user, then there is good news in store for you. Your favorite social networking portal has recently tweaked the Facebook Messenger app to make and receive free voice calls from iOS devices in the United States.

In fact, this VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) functionality was recently introduced in Canada where it met with considerable success, emboldening Facebook to launch the same in the U.S.

Read further to learn more about this service and how to harness it to initiate and take phone calls:

1. Free Calling Service: Essential Details

a) Basically the Facebook Messenger facilitates the making and receiving of free voice calls among persons possessing iOS-operated devices. That means that if you’re an iPhone user, you’ll be able to make free phone calls to your acquaintances – provided both parties have the Facebook Messenger app installed and are situated in either the United States or Canada.

b) To carry out a successful voice conversation, both you and the receiver would require one of the following enabling mechanisms:

  • A working Wi-Fi connection
  • A working mobile phone plan
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If you take the Wi-Fi method, your voice call will actually be free of charge unless you’re using an external, paid-for Wi-Fi connection. On the other hand, if you use your mobile phone connection to initiate the voice call, you will obviously have to incur the requisite data usage expenditure.

c) Also note that your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch device must run iOS 4.3 or a higher.

2. Procedure to Make Complimentary Voice Calls

a) At the outset, if you do not already have the Facebook Messenger app installed on your iPhone, you may download the same from iTunes: Facebook Messenger App

b) Upon installation, enter the app by tapping its icon on your home screen.

c) You then need to navigate to the text conversation section, select a specific text conversation that involves the receiving party, and tap the same. However, if the person you seek to call is not included in your text conversation section, you would need to send a fresh text message after – if needed – adding the person in your contact list.

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d) Upon relaying the text message, simply select the saved text message to bring up the information icon, tap the icon, and finally again tap the “Free Call” tab that will be displayed. Within a very short time, the app will connect you to your acquaintance for carrying out the voice conversation.

3. Free Calls – Advantages

a) That the service is complimentary is its biggest selling point. You can proceed to use your residential Wi-Fi link – a common feature nowadays in most homes.

b) Free voice calls can be made and received right round the clock as long as a working Wi-Fi connection is available. No more worrying about faulty network connections pertaining to your mobile phone.

c) In addition, replacing your residential phone connection with this calling service may also prove to be advantageous. You don’t need to incur any local call charges and are also freed from maintaining phone equipment.

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d) Most existing voice calling services require you to build a contacts list from scratch – this is a cumbersome and time-consuming process. With Facebook and the related app by your side, you already possess an exhaustive contacts list enabling you to make calls expeditiously and easily.

4. Free Calls – Disadvantages

a) The Facebook Messenger app user interface is not as friendly as one expects for making voice calls – icons are hidden and the procedure is slightly long-winded.

b) For receiving calls, you need to either have the Facebook Messenger app or your “Push Notifications” functionality enabled.

c) International calls and video-enabled calls are not possible yet.

Those are the steps to start a call using Facebook on your iPhone and iOS devices. Make the most out of it and have fun!

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