A Sight for the Sore Eyes- The First Ultra HDTVs Released on the Market

shutterstock_114812140How important is the image quality of the TV for you? What kind of image do you enjoy in the comfort of your house: digital, high-definition, Blu-Ray? Do you accessorize that with some surround sound system? For most of us the answer to these question is negative. But, even so, a new generation of  TVs hits the market, with high end functions and amazing display quality.

Ultra HD TVs were launched on the USA market last fall, in a variety of sizes and models. If that is not impressive yet, wait until you hear they are able to deliver four times the resolution of the current HDTVs! It is a segment that expands and improves constantly so the future might bring even more surprising news.

In the following post I want to develop the subject a bit more and present you some of the first models of Ultra HDTVs released on the market together with the main functions so that you can get a better idea on how they work and whether they are worth investing or not.

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LG Electronics 84LM9600 Ultra HD TV

LG Electronics brought the first Ultra HD TV set on the market: the 84-inch LED TV from LG Electronics pairs an impressive 19,000$ price tag with the amazing images, that deliver four times  the resolution of current HDTVs. Among the key features of this product you can enjoy: ULTRA HD 4K RESOLUTION (3840 X 2160 P),LG CINEMA 3D, LG SMART TV, LED PLUS W/LOCAL DIMMING. Wi-Fi-ready LG set has Smart TV apps and handles 3-D.



Sony XBR 4K Ultra HD TV

For the fortunate ones that have both deep pockets and lots of space, Sony has come up with a glossy proposal to compliment your entertainment area. Selling for about  25,000$, the XBR 4K Ultra HD TV up-scales everything you watch with a picture four times clearer than regular HD. The special thing about Sony’s Ultra HD sets is that they come with a free media PC loaded with 4K content—including 10 full-length feature films—so they provide at least some native 4K content to watch. (The company intends to launch an Ultra HD download service this summer.) Some technical highlights for Sony XBR 4K : 4K Ultra HD (3,840 x 2,160), 50W speakers, Motionflow XR 960, Free white glove delivery with in-home setup, 4K video player and movies, plus Xperia™ Tablet remote.

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Sony XBR 4K Ultra HD TV


Just when you thought 1080p HDTV was the real deal, the Ultra High Definition video was launched and it aims to upend HDTVs and change the entire consumer electronics industry. If you want a clear definition of the Ultra HD technology, the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) has the best one: Ultra HD tv sets display at least 8 milion active pixels  with a lower resolution boundary of at least 3,840 by 2,160. Since there’s still no single 4K standard and there are multiple varieties of digital content, that might be a problem- but as I mentioned above ( Sony’s perspectives) this can soon change.

All in all, what is your opinion on Ultra HDTVs? Would you buy one or you find it a bit too..extravagant?  🙂