About Us

My name is Dragos and I am the Owner and founder of techdoze.net and BitDoze , I have also write about wordPress to wpdoze.com. Together with  my girlfriend  Ioana,  we try to give you the latest news in Technology, Media, Concepts, Brands etc.

I started blogging some years ago as a hobby, with BitDoze and since them I have learnt a lot and wish to share it with anyone interested in this topic.

Besides blogging and web design I like helping others in their blogging career, learning new things, travelling. I also like playing games like FIFA, NFS, FPS …. (If I have the time) but mostly the number one activity is blogging.  I  work in a company, here in Romania, managing some Telecom companies.


For contact you can find me on bitdoze1{@}gmail.com


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