ACASIS M.2 NVME Enclosure Review – DIY a Fast Portable NVME SSD

In case you don’t want to by a portable SSD and you want to create one yourself you have the option to build one with the spares you have. In case you have already M.2 NVME that you are not using then you can build a fast portable SSD yourself with a decent budget. First, we will take some already build portable SSD and we will see the price and they are doing and after we will see how ACASIS M.2 NVME Enclosure is comporting and how it can help you.

Details about Portable SSDs

There are a lot of portable SSD drives created lately with great speed and not that expensive that can be acquired, their speed is faster then a normal portable HDD and they are coming with a lot off divers port connectivity like Type-C or Thunderbolt. In this example, I will focus more on the  SAMSUNG t5 Portable SSD as is one of the best. Below is the Amazon details:

As you can see the price is starting from around 100$ for 512MB to 220$ for a 1TB one so they are quite expensive. The speed for reading and writing is about 540 MB  which is quite good. They are resistant, small and nice looking, you can find out more if you like on the below SAMSUNG t5 Portable SSD Video Review:


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For a cheaper alternative to Samsung you can check:

For a top with Best Portable M.2 NVME SSD Enclosures check Best Portable M.2 NVME SSD Enclosures.

ACASIS M.2 NVME Enclosure Review

This is an article about the ACASIS M.2 NVME Enclosure   so let’s get into more details about it. ACASIS M.2 NVME Enclosure it can help you have a Portable SSD done in-house or it can help you get the data from an NVME SSD in case your laptop your PC is damaged and you need to get that data out.

ACASIS M.2 NVME Enclosure is around 50$ and is not that cheap or very expensive, so it has a decent price. The design is all metal and it very nice, a picture with the device is below:

ACASIS M.2 NVME Enclosure

The box is having all you need to mount your NVNE M.2 drive and get everything up and running, you get:

  • Type-C to USB cable
  • USB to Type-C  adapter
  • Screws and screwdriver
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The ports are:

  • Type – C on the enclosure
  • USB 3,1 Gen2 on the cable ( in case you don’t use the adapter)

Speed tests:

The ACASIS M.2 NVME Enclosure was paired with an Corsair CSSD-F240GBMP300 Force Series MP300 240GB NVMe PCIe M.2 SSD Network Attached Storage  for tests. The device is about 50$ so with about 100$ you can have a Portable SSD device. As per design specifications, the MP300 can have read/write speeds more the 1GB so is enough from tests.

The tests were done by and you can see also a video with details.

Below are the pictures with the details for the ACASIS M.2 NVME + CORSAIR FORCE Series MP300 240GB NVMe performances in CristalDisk:

Same drive was tested by Lon previously on a PC and below were the results:




As you can see there is a performance hit at random read/write because of the NVNE to Type-C conversion.

Below is video with his review off the ACASIS M.2 NVME Enclosure:

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ACASIS M.2 NVME Enclosure is a good product to have around in case you already have a spare NVME M.2 or in case you want to have a option to retrieve your data from an NVME M.2. The performance is not bad, the design is nice and is not that expensive.