Airy YouTube Video and MP3 Downloader

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Airy YouTube video and MP3 Downloader allows the users to enjoy high-quality music and videos even when offline! With versions for both Windows and Mac, the app facilitates the  YouTube videos download in MP4, 3GP, FLV, MP3 formats. There is no need for compromises: get the favorite HD and Ultra HD videos on the preferred device, effortlessly.

How to Use Airy YouTube Video and MP3 Downloader

A clean and intuitive design makes sure downloading YouTube media is a breeze. You simply copy the link to Airy, choose the wanted format and click Download. Some particularly handy features: the app supports YouTube playlist download too and also if the video has subtitles on YouTube, Airy also downloads it in SRT format.

For easier, faster access Airy integrates with your web browser Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari are all supported. On Mac just click Airy bookmark each time you are ready to download.

Key features include

  • Enjoy the videos or songs even if the original uploader removed it from YouTube
  • Watch HD videos without depending on connection speeds
  • Transfer the video to watch it on any devices you prefer
  • Extract only the MP3 audio out of a video without keeping the video.
  • Enjoy the freedom of sharing the video anytime, anywhere.
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Tired and frustrated with always searching for your favorite tunes online? Hating having to listen to pesky commercials right in the middle of a song? Watching HQ videos or obsessing over a catchy song can become truly resource-consuming: whether it is the internet, phone’s battery and last but not least, money!
Here is where Airy comes in and offers reliability and performance, no strings attached!

If your life involves working outdoors, traveling frequently, you love hiking or camping and still want to enjoy your favorite music, Airy has you covered. You are no longer bound by an internet connection! Take your most appreciated tunes, talk shows, motivational material, documentaries, DJ sets, etc wherever you go and share the fun with family and friends!

Airy Trial Period and License

Airy is available for both Windows and Mac systems. It comes with a handy trial period where the user can get familiarized with its features and decide on its convenience!

Like many other good things, Airy comes with a price tag! But the app’s flexibility continues and it offers, besides the Personal license, a Family pack and a Team license which reduces costs considerably. You can always look for a coupon code that can bring a better deal as well!

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