Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen – 2018 Edition – Review has launched a new version of the Echo which is more powerful and more looking.  Especially in this article, we will take a look at the new Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen and see what has to offer. I have a gen2 Echo for more than a year and I am thinking to refresh it with these year model:

Wats new with Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen:

  • Design – the design is bigger and it comes like Google Home Mini with a fabric design. Personally, I like more these design.
  • Powerful Speakers – the previous model had lousy speakers, I don’t even use them I have connected my echo threw a 5.1 . This year model has more powerful speakers, more bass and higher volume and clarity.
  • More Microphones –  the new model has 4 microphones so it will be easier to hear you
  • New Charging Port –  The port is round now so, the micro USB is no more.

Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen vs Google Home Mini

Will no address the app functionalities only from ports and design perspective.

  • Amazon echo sounds better now – the sound is more clear and has more bass the Google Home Mini
  • it has 3.5 sound jack – I like these about the echo as it is also a Bluetooth device for the 5.1 speakers that I have.
  • Bigger- it has a bigger for now than Google Home Mini
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Below is also a video where you will see the Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen  in action and how exactly is different and sounds in comparison with the old one and Google Home mini.


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In case you need a wall stand for your echo dot gen3 then I recommend: