AMD Ryzen + Vega APUs 2200G And 2400G Review and Tests

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There is quite a buzz on the internet and in the tech industry about the new  AMD Ryzen + Vega APUs 2200G And 2400G that were just released. These are the first Ryzen CPU from AMD that had an APU also incorporated that’s why there is this big buzz.

For the tests, the APU is 3 times stronger than the Intel one and somewhere at halph of an NVIDIA 1050 TI. Below are the specs for this 2 CPUs:

Below is a complete Video with a comparison and performance tests and Benchmarks :


If you need more details about them then you can try also this article is very detailed:


Giving the price they are a viable solution for someone who needs a budget PC that can handle some of the games out there. The

AMD 2400G is not bad at all as it is having 4 cores and 8 threads and it can face most of the applications out there.


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