Amplifi Teleport Review – Hardware VPN Connection

Browsing the web as secure as possible is very important in nowadays when a lot of transactions are made online and of our life is digitized. Amplifi Teleport is a small gadget that you can take it with you and use it in public network to create a VPN connection to your home. This device is bringing some advantages and disadvantages.


  • It is offering a private VPN connection and this is protecting you from potential hacks.
  • It connects your device directly to your network so you have access to all devices like NAS
  • Setup is very fast


  • The connection can be quite slow if not a fast upload is on your home network. As you will use the home network to browse the internet you will not only need fast download also fast upload as will need to communicate with the device.
  • You need the Amplifi router which cost extra money.

The price of the device is 99$ and the package with the router is 229$.

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More details about the Amplifi Teleport you can find in the below video from which is offering very detailed pieces of information about what the Amplifi Teleport can do and a real test.

Amplifi Teleport Video Review