Anyware Smart Socket Adaptor Review

In case you want to transform your light bulb into a smart one now you have the option to do so with the help off smart bulb socket adapters. They will plug into your existent socket and offer the possibility to use a normal bulb and turn it smart.

An interesting smart socket adapter is Anyware that let’s you do this exact thing plus some other interesting things. Below you will see a detailed review of the Anyware Smart Socket Adaptor to see if it is for you or not.


The Anyware adaptor it is plugged into a E26 and at the other end will let you put a E12 bulbs. This is not creating an issue as you can find some powerful LED bulbs with E12 for a couple off bucks. Below are some alternatives that you can check:


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Anyware has a smart phone App that can control everything and help you set it up. Beside this you can control it also with your voice thru Alexa and in the future with Google Home.

Also it can be configured to send alerts on your phone in case the noise is higher or in case your temperature is to low.


Besides the smart app and the voice control capabilities other great features is offering is the temperature monitoring and sound. While you are away you can use Anyware smart adaptor to check your temperature or to send alerts and open the lights in case noise is detected.
Another interesting feature is the Energy Saving Mode that saves you energy by turning off light when no-one is at home.

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Video Review For Anyware Smart Socket Adaptor

In case you want to find out more details about the Anyware Smart Socket Adaptor then you can check the below video review from which is making an extensive presentation with run tests for the product:

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Over an all Anyware it is offering some interesting features at a higher price. In case you want to turn your lights smart and be able to monitor sounds and temperature then Anyware adaptor is for you,