Apple Watch: Reinventing time

Apple Watch is the smartwatch that doubles as a phone and can send/read messages. Costing over 10.000$ (for the solid gold model) this is the most expensive, serial device produced by Apple. But do not panic, the model has affordable versions, but equally smart.

Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive:

“We are not talking only of a beautiful object, Apple Watch is the most advanced watch ever created.”

It is available in three versions: one sport with an aluminum frame, a steel frame model and the luxury version with 18 carat gold casing, limited edition. To help the user customise his experience, more covers and more configurations are available for each model.

apple watch

Beyond appearance, the Apple Watch knows how to make more, although it is restricted in some aspects since the user has to also use an Apple phone. It can phone or send messages. The user can listen to music or check the social networks or e-mail. Also the watch can monitor the pulse during physical activity and send warnings if the user spends too much time in a chair, to promote a more active, healthier lifestyle. It can also make payments, order a taxi or open the hotel door. The battery seems to work for almost 18h but that can be sure only after some more precise testing.

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The Apple Watch is expected in stores in nine countries, in the United States, Great Britain and China, it will be in stores from April 24 and from April 10, first online orders become available. The price of Apple Watch varies from 349$ to over 10,000$ depending on the materials it is made of.

Experts are divided about the success that Apple Watch will reach with competitors like Samsung and Sony already having done this. Optimists estimates sales of 60 million units by year-end while others rely on more modest figures of up to 10 million units.

Global Market estimates that the Smart Watch market could increase to 28.1 million units in 2015, up from present’s 4.6 million units and Apple would capture 55%.

Besides the Apple Watch, the event in San Francisco introduced the new MacBook– thinnest model ever produced – only 13.1 millimeters. The notebook runs on a Intel chip, it has a retina display of 12 inches and it is available in silver, gray and gold.The new notebook will be available on the market starting April 10, with prices from 1,299 dollars.

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new MacBook

Cook also announced an exclusive partnership between Apple TV and Time Warner’s HBO and that Apple’s mobile payment application ApplePay is currently supported by 2,500 banks.

Looks like Spring really revs up Apple’s engines and we are looking forward to see where these new projects are heading to.