Are 3D NAND QLC SSD Slower?

The whole thing I like about SSD is the fact that they are very fast. Even if the price is not cheap the performance boost is worth the money. Lately, there were some new technologies brought into manufacturing the new SSD to reduce the price per GB for an SSD drive. This new technology is 3D NAND and you can find more here: Everything you need to know. This new tech will be surpassed in the near future as 4D NAND is on his way, you can check here: 4D NAND

As some time will still need to pass until the 4D would be in mass production and available at good prices I was thinking to tell more about the 3D NAND QLC. Basically, in my opinion, is not worth buying any SSD disk with 3D NAND QLC as they are very slow compared with other SSD and the read-write speed can go to 100MB per second after the cache is full. The below video is revealing everything you need to know about the 3D NAND QLC and how they are doing in real benchmarks.

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If I would you I would be very careful when acquiring a new SSD as the speed could be slower then you imagine and it is advertised in specifications. I would not relay into what manufacturers are telling and I would search benchmarks to be sure the SSD has a good performance. When I am buying an SSD the primary reason is the performance increase, I am not really interested to pay a couple off dollars less as I want the speed.