Best 2.5G USB-C to Ethernet Adapter in 2020

With the advent in technology, you need to pick the best items which offer you uncompromised services. Using 2.5G USB c to Ethernet adapter guarantees you speedy connectivity. When you realize your Wi-Fi is not measuring up to the task when doing work from home, the way to go is a wired connection.

The USB C to Ethernet adapter offers you the best and fastest connection. After simply plugging your USB C ports to the laptop and connecting the other end to Ethernet cable, you start enjoying working anywhere with fast connectivity. In this article, analysis has been done for you on the best 2.5G USB C to Ethernet adapter. Choose from them and experience the best and fastest connectivity.

Best 2.5G USB-C to Ethernet Adapter in 2020

Plugable 2.5G USB C

Plugable 2.5G USB C

When you are looking to have experience beyond GB Ethernet speed, this is the ideal option for you. Use the 2.5GB Ethernet adapter and leverage the available cat 5e Ethernet cable. It will offer you a low-cost switch to a higher than double performance to your local network when compared with the traditional GB Ethernet.

The adapter is fitted with USB C port which works in your computer with USB C as well as Thunderbolt 3 ports. Besides, it adds network interfaces that enables you to faster transfer of files via Ethernet from peer to peer. With this adapter, you have a chance of future-proofing your setup yet enjoying backward compatibility with the 1Gbps network environment.

Without incurring the cost of buying new cables, the Plugable 2.5 USB C to Ethernet adapter enables you to modernize your network environment through a higher network throughout.

Features of this adapter

  • It is faster than GIGABIT
  • Compatible with macOS 10.7 plus, Linux 3.2 plus, modern version of windows 10, 8x as well as 7
  • Uses the existing cables
  • It keeps USB universal
  • The installation is quite easy
  • Weighs about 3.52 ounces
  • Measures 6.7×4.4×1 inches



It is one of the best. If you are using windows in a laptop, mac USB-C desktop as well as the notebook computer, SIIG USB-c will add the 2.5G wired Ethernet connectivity to your devices. SIIG USB-C guarantees you super speed and high-performance rate.

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It is a fine product and will work very well with your computer. You will enjoy the faster copying of even pictures to your laptop when using SIIG 2.5G USB-C. When you want to use it, no need for the installation of any software. It just has a plug and plays set up which will give you fantastic experience.

Once recognized by your windows, it is ready to go on. It is small, and portable hence provides you with compact packaging. It is nice looking and well-designed Ethernet adapter. The SIIG adapter is great for everyday usage and emergency backup.

Features of SIIG 2.5G USB

  • Its super-speed enhances high performance
  • Quick to add 2.5G connectivity to your computer
  • Has in-built power as well as data diagnostic LEDs
  • Its design is lightweight and compact
  • It weighs about 2.88 ounces
  • Its dimension is 3×0.6×1.1 inches

EU-4307 USB-C

EU-4307 USB-C

EU-4307 is among the best Ethernet adapters to use. It is compatible with many computers that have recently been introduced into the market. Besides, it also functions very well with smart devices that are designed with USB-C ports.

The EU-4307 will provide you with super speed that enhances faster transfer of files from gadgets you are using to another. It is designed in a manner that enables you to save power usage. It is fitted with three LED indicators which gives you an easy glance to the internet status as well as the troubleshooting indicator.

The installation process is quite easy. Plug type –C connector to the enabled type-c laptop and start enjoying strong and unwavering Ethernet cable connection. When your smart device is lacking the needed ports, EU-4307 offers you great help. It will provide a wired Gigabit Ethernet port internet connection which is ultra-fast. Then you can make internet connection to network while in locations where Wi-Fi is not available.

Features of EU-4307

  • Guarantee speedy connectivity
  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Compatible with many modern laptops and smart devices

Kensington 2.5G USB-C to Ethernet adapter

Kensington 2.5G USB-C to Ethernet adapter

It offers you a reliable connection. Kensington’s data transfer speed is rapid. Use it, and you will enjoy increased productivity and decreased downtime. When uploading or downloading something, it offers you high speed and better reliability. Therefore, you enjoy less time of waiting and expanded time of doing. No requirement of power supply.

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You simply connect, and it starts working. Installation is quite easy. After plugging and attaching, you switch on and everything stars working. It is an item of high quality. The Kensington’s lightweight and compact design makes it portable and easy to use at any place.

Kensington 2.5G USB-C features

  • Guarantee speed connectivity
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Speedy data transfer
  • Easy installation process


UGREEN USB offers you a stable internet connection and performance. It is a lightweight USB to the Ethernet adapter. Add strong and stable network to your MacBook Air or laptop and enjoy fast file transfer, gaming and video conferencing. It is an excellent solution for MacBook with no Ethernet socket in case the wireless network fails you.

The UGREEN USB guarantees you faster Ethernet into your network connection. Installation is quite simple. You are not required to have driver programs or applications, just plug in, and play. Through switch internet interfaces, you can assign subnet, DNS, IP and gateway when you are using UGREEN USB. For the Nintendo Switch, the device works perfectly well. It exhibits high download speed. When using, you will not experience anymore signal interference.

Features of UGREEN

  • Offers you stable network
  • Faster internet connectivity
  • Easier to install
  • Measure about 2.4x 1x 0.7 inches
  • Weighs about 3.2 ounces

Kanex iAdapt USB-C

Kanex iAdapt USB-C

Improve your network connectivity to your tablets, desktops, and laptops through the use of Kanex type-C adapter. It will offer you a high and reliable performance wired connection. Through Kanex, you will enjoy downloading large files with no interruptions.

Being lightweight and compact, Kanex enables you to use it anywhere. The brushed aluminum guard makes it durable. Besides, it also makes it look great when connected with the apple devices.

Features of Kanex

  • Its design is compact and portable
  • Enhances high performance
  • Offer reliable and speedy internet connection
  • The process of installation is quite easy



Enjoy the great and faster performance with TRENDnet USB-C to Ethernet adapter. It is a lovely gadget to buy. It is a lightweight device yet offer an efficient way of using your laptop, desktop or notebook TRENDnet will offer you faster connectivity and faster file transfer.

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With this device, you get online within a minute. The troubleshooting activities, as well as updates, are automated when using the TRENDnet device. It will also offer you a long period of service since it is durable. When using TRENDnet, an external power adapter is not a requirement. It is power-driven through the USB port.

The TRENDnet USB-C is compatible with many Windows OS. Also, TRENDnet USB-C comes with an integrated cable of about 4.9 inches which can accommodate many installations. The TUC-ET2G model is fitted using 5GBASE-T RJ-45, which gives you a higher GB speed cable. The installation process of TRENDnet is quite simple. When using USB-C, you enjoy reversible connection as well as compatibility to Thunderbolt 3 ports.

Features of TRENDnet USB-C to Ethernet adapter

  • Instant network connection
  • Offer an easy upgrade to the current Ethernet port
  • Exhibits high speed and faster performance
  • Its design is compact
  • Weighs about 1.12 ounces
  • Has a dimension of 3.3×1.2×0.5 inches

Cable Matters USB-C

Cable Matters USB-C

The Cable Matters to Ethernet adapters offer best services in pro gaming as well as the 4k streaming. It will add internet connectivity to your device instantly. Cable matters USB-C offer support to the current cat5e Ethernet cables. Therefore, there is no need for upgrading your cable to experience more network speed.

The installation process is easy though driver installation is required. You can access and download the driver from the manufacturer’s website. Cable matters USB-C will help you in removing any blockage from your network as well as killing dormancy for optimization of gaming experience. Besides, it also adds more speed as well as efficiency to your office or studio

Features of cable matters

  • Offer instant network connectivity
  • It is swift
  • Easy free drive installation
  • It is lightweight in design hence portable


The USB-C models are right when you want to enjoy faster and reliable network connections. Pick any of the above USB-C to Ethernet and enjoy working anywhere with a secure internet connection. With a faster internet connection, they guarantee you high productivity and saves you waiting time.