Best 3 Android Alarm Clock Apps

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People are expecting a lot from alarm clock app now a day. In fact, people prefer to add a note with alarm instead of writing the appointment date and time in a dairy. For that reason, the android app developers are highly dedicated to develop the alarm clock app for the users.

Android Smartphones are very common in this era and android alarm clock app section is popular as well. Everyone is using different kinds of android alarm clock apps to get various features with alarm clock. In fact, a Smartphone without an alarm clock seems to be incomplete because of its necessity.

However, you also need to know the best android alarm clock app to download into your device in order to get the best features. For that reason, here you are given best 3 android alarm clock app so that you can set alarm and never late for your office, any important business meeting or appointment or for school.

Alarm Clock by doubleTwist

Alarm Clock by doubleTwist is really a good android premium alarm app for the users with DoubleTwist Music Player. You can download and use this app free but the full version is available at $1.99 in Google Play Store.

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Alarm Clock by doubleTwistAlarm Clock by doubleTwist has some basic features that every alarm clock app usually has like setting a nap timer, setting multiple alarms with a note. Moreover, the app provides you the local sunrise timing and fixes alarm time according to that automatically.

The doubleTwist Music Player allows the alarm app to choose the ringtone or song from your favorite playlist and wake up you with the song. For that reason, your every morning will start with your favorite song which is really a good for the music fans.


  1. doubleTwist Music Player for setting up ringtone from playlist
  2. Automatic alarm set depending on the local sunrise time daily
  3. Both analog and digital flip clock system


 Alarm Clock Xtreme

Alarm Clock Xtreme is another premium android alarm app that is only $1.99 for the users. The android alarm app is really efficient to wake up you from sleep as well as remind you for any important meeting. The design is very simple with main features of an alarm clock.

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Alarm Clock XtremeThere is a configuration option open for you to customize in order to make it more effective. Use the configuration option to set your favorite song as an alarm clock. In addition, the app will ensure you that you are fully awake by providing you a math problem. It will only turn off when you will solve the simple math of the app.

Alarm Clock Xtreme provides full feature to its free version too, however, it supports ads. Only the paid version of the android alarm app will remove or block the ads.


  1. Full feature in free version with ads
  2. A simple math problem to turn off alarm
  3. A good number of custom features like auto-dismiss alarms, shake to snooze, auto snooze alarms etc
  4. Most Trusted Android Alarm App with over 10m downloads




Talking Alarm Clock

Talking Alarm Clock is a free alarm clock app for android that provides you the maximum number of alarm setting. This is the first android alarm clock app that will wake up you with your own voice. You can use the personalized sentence option in order to record your own voice to wake up every time.

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Talking Alarm Clock

For that reason, record your voice on Talking Alarm Clock in order to set the alarm. Snoozing the alarm app is very easy because of shaking feature. Just shake the phone and this will snooze. At the same time, this app shows a large snooze button in order to avoid turn off alarm accidently.

The app will also speak the time whenever you want. The settings option is very easy with different language operating function for the users. In addition, the app will recognize and set the language automatically as soon as it is installed.


  1. Wake up with your own voice
  2. Snooze with simple shaking the phone
  3. Customization in the configuration option
  4. Large snoozing button to avoid turn off alarm accidentally


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