Best 4 Firefox Addons for YouTube Download

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Firefox is one of the most used and popular internet browsers in the world. A large number of people use this internet browser to browse and use internet. The developers are providing different types of addons to make browsing with Firefox. The addons have enhanced the features of the browser to have a comfortable and good experience of browsing.

YouTube is a famous website where you will get every type of video you want. But, downloading videos from YouTube is little bit tricky for people. You have to use any addition software on PC to download or you can use addons of Firefox. Therefore, you can download the addons; restart the Firefox to active the addons to work with. Moreover, finding the best addons for YouTube download is also easy because Firefox provides search result with addons features. So, you can read the description and try one or two to download YouTube videos on PC.

There are numerous Firefox addons for YouTube download and give you varieties of options. Let’s see the best 4 Firefox addons for YouTube video download-

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Easy YouTube Video Downloader Express 7.37

Easy YouTube Video Downloader Express 7.37 is a good Firefox addons for YouTube download that provides FULL HD download option. Moreover, you can download varieties of qualities of any video of YouTube including MP3, MP3, 3GP, FLV, 720P and Full HD. Therefore, select any of the format and save it to your hard disk.Easy YouTube Video Downloader Express 7.37


To select a specific quality of video to download, you can click on the download bar and this will open a menu containing the video quality options with size. All you need to click and Ok to save as bar to start downloading.


  1. Only Addons to offer 1080p YouTube Video Download
  2. Instant Single-click download for MP3
  3. Simple green color download bar to choose download quality


1 Click YouTube Video Download 2.3.7

1-Click YouTube Video Download 2.3.7 is one of the most popular Firefox YouTube download addons. In fact, this is the simplest addon that supports any quality of video download. After downloading the addon, you need to restart the browser to get the download bar ready for downloading. Moreover, the official website will also highlight the features and how to use it briefly.

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Click YouTube Video Download 2.3.7

Click on the download button and it will open the list with all available video format and size to you. Therefore, click any of the formats of video and this will start downloading. The download bar will be under the YouTube video which is red color.
1.      Simplest to Use for YouTube download
2.      Red Download button with available video support & Size
MP4 YouTube Downloader 1.3.3
MP4 YouTube Downloader 1.3.3 is all in one Firefox addon that helps to download videos from Video, Daily motion and YouTube. Moreover, this MP4 downloader will also help other website’s videos in just one click.

MP4 YouTube Downloader 1.3.3
The Firefox addon is placed on the top right side under the website URL section in blue and pink color. As soon as any video starts to play, you can click on the icon and this will ask for the permission to download to your hard disk.
1.      Easy to Use and download YouTube video
2.      Can also download videos of any website
YouTube Video and Audio Downloader
YouTube Video and Audio Downloader 0.4.2 is dual YouTube downloader addon of Firefox. You can download both audio and video version of the video with numerous video quality.

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YouTube Video and Audio Downloader 0.4.2
The addon has full JavaScript that can extract real audio file of any video within a short time and make it ready to download. For that reason, you will get the pure audio song of the video very quickly.
1.      Download both audio and video with various formats
2.      Extract real audio file to download
3.      Has a video conversion tool for users
Therefore, search for any of the addons that you like in order to download YouTube videos comfortably. Avoid the MP4 YouTube downloader if you want to have various kinds of options to download videos. Every addon will give you easiest way to download videos, so, you can download one or maximum two to download YouTube video.


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