Best 4 Firefox Extensions for Adblock

Internet browsing is very easy and comfortable but sometimes, it appears with some problems. Advertisement on different websites is one kind of trouble and irritating subject for all the users. You also may be finding a secure way to avoid those kinds of trouble while browsing.

Firefox is a common internet browser for the internet users. The internet browser has many external features with the basic features. Firefox extensions and add-ons are very popular and useful for the users.

There are also many Firefox extensions for Adblock to prevent those extra tabs and windows. Different Firefox extensions for Adblock provide different features to the users. For that reason, you should know the best 4 Firefox extensions for Adblock in order to get the best help by downloading them. When you have a good Adblock extension, you can stop those extra pop-up windows, ads from being load and auto leading to another website. As a result, this will minimize a website’s loading time and give you a smooth internet browsing.

Here are the top 4 Firefox extensions for Adblock-

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Adblock Plus 2.6.6

Adblock Plus 2.6.6Adblock Plus 2.6.6 is a perfect Firefox extension for Adblock if you are suffering from. Are you irritated of the YouTube or Facebook ads or banners? Then, this extension can help you to prevent those ads and banners from being displayed.

The extension has also a configuration to control which ads you want to see and which you don’t. This add-on is available in different languages with full support to the users. Now prevent ads, banners as well as block the malware websites very easily. It has the filtration option to block the JavaScript and flash videos ads too.


  1. Prevent Ads, Banners From Being Displayed
  2. Configuration System To Select Ads That You Want To Watch
  3. Also Has Block System For JavaScript And Flash Videos

Adblock Edge

Adblock EdgeAdblock Edge is another Firefox extension for Adblock that provides you full support to stop the advertisements on the websites. There is no white-list of sponsored ads in this extension to display like Adblock Plus version 2.1.2 has. Therefore, this is a clear way to avoid all types of advertisement during web browsing.

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Wladimir Palant is the developer of the Firefox extension for Adblock which some unique codes. For that reason, you can download and restart your browser in order to start the extension. From now, you will have a full right to stop the ads from being displayed.


  1. Best For All Types Of Adblock Feature
  2. No White-List Of Sponsored Websites’ Ad


Adblock plus Pop-up Add-on

Adblock plus Pop-up Add-onIsn’t it irritation when a new pop-up window opens for your one click? This is also one type of advertising of a website that you can prevent. Otherwise, the website will start loading, slow down your internet speed that really irritates you. Therefore, Adblock plus Pop-up Add-on Firefox extension is here to help you. This is the advanced extension part of Adblock Plus extension that blocks all types of pop-up windows.

When using this extension, you will have two systems to block the pop-up windows. One way is you can create a list of sites to prevent any pop-up window or create a site rule that will block all pop-up windows of web.

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  1. Ad Advanced Level Adblock Extension For Pop-Up Window
  2. Two Configuration System For Adblock Really Works


AdBlock Lite

AdBlock LiteAdBlock Lite is a good Firefox extension for Adblock and provide you a good service for faster internet browsing. You will have no more annoying images, iframes, scripts and ads while browsing. On the other hand, the extension has no impact on your CPU usage and PC’s performance.

Get the fingering list to allow advertisements in some websites and some not. The ad-blocker will give good and fast performance than other similar products for ad blocking. There way of switching to full to lite mode is very easy for the users.


  1. Block Anything You Want Like Images, Annoying Ads And Iframes
  2. No Usage Of CPU And Memory
  3. Provide A Good List To Let Some Websites Show Ads

Use any of the Firefox extension for Adblock in order to have a fast and smooth internet browsing.