Best 5 Chrome Extensions for Taking Screenshots

Sometimes when you are browsing the internet you just want to be able to take a quick screenshot of the new dinner recipe or the map to your friend’s house so you can check it later, it just makes life easier. You can shoot the screenshot over to your phone and not have to worry about using data when you are out and about. Sure you could always use the snippet it tool from windows but there are ways to take screenshots from directly in your browser, better yet they come packed with some features that can save you time and hassle. This is where Google Chrome Extensions come into play, they are little add-ons available to you that directly modify the Chrome browser and give it some extra functions. You can always browse and download extensions from the Google Web Store. Today we have a look at the best 5 Chrome extensions that you can currently find for taking screenshots.

1) Awesome Screenshot

The best screenshot extension you can find for Chrome is without a doubt Awesome Screenshot, it piles together loads of nifty features for you to use and has a very easy to navigate interface. It has over 2 million downloads and is the highest rated screenshot tool in the Google Web Store. Best yet because there are so many users all the premium features recently became free so you have a fully unlocked extension with everything available. It offers multiple different ways to capture a whole web page, you can scroll down and capture the whole site in one image. It gives you tools to quickly add annotations, comments or even smudge out any sensitive information. You can also let all your friends know you are using it with one click sharing and upload function.

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This is definitely the best screenshot extension tool we have ever used so we recommend it!

2) Nimbus Screenshot and Screencast

The Nimbus is another great extension for taking screenshots because it can also cast your screen for you to friends and family. You can screenshot part of the screen or the whole web page and has a great tool to edit the images within the extension. You can also record video directly from your screen which is a nifty bonus for you. It boasts over 1 million users and has nearly 5-star feedback in the Google Web Store. It also does not require internet access and can run offline. You can download it here!

3) LightShot – Screenshot Tool

This extension will be loved by users who just want a lightweight extension with no bloatware, it gives you everything you need and nothing useless taking up space. You can take screenshots and share them very quickly with a couple of clicks and everything works as intended out of the box. You can save it to your HDD or upload it to the cloud, you can even search the web for similar screenshots! We really think these extensions saves you time and is a great choice.

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4) Open Screenshot

Many users may like this one because it is an open source extension so you know exactly what it is doing and have the peace of mind that it is not running any malicious code in the background. You can capture vertical and horizontal content found anywhere on the web, you can save the file within a few clicks and the interface is very simple to navigate. You can even print it immediately or share it on your social media networks. Very good extension!

5) Blipshot (One Click Screenshots)

This extension is for users who do not have time to select areas of their screen or figure out what part of the webpage you need to save. Here you have an extension that with just one click screenshots the entire web page with no hassle. Once the page has been screenshotted then you simply drag and drop the file you created to wherever you want it to be saved. A great thing about this screenshot tool is it works flawlessly on windows, mac, and Linux.

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If you don’t want to use a chrome extension then please check the link:


There you have it that is our 5 best chrome extensions to help you take screenshots, I think the roundup has a candidate for every type of user! So let us know what is your favorite below!