Best 5 Chrome Extensions to Take a Quick Note

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I think we all know how our mind wanders throughout the day and we simply have some random thoughts that you know you will forget by the end of your shift! That is just human nature you can be focused on one thing and then an amazing thought pops into your head. Sometimes you just want to ensure you write it down so that you can pursue it later on and make sure you continue to be inspired. I mean you can not deny that we have an immense amount of thoughts per day. The computer is where we spend most of our time in a day, so how can we ensure we do not lose any of these interesting thoughts? There are many ways to capture your ideas on your smartphone or computer so today we are going to have a quick look at the 5 best chrome extensions for taking a quick note down.

1) WorkFlowy

A great extension for managing your workflow and organizing your ideas, some people call it planning it does not really matter! The way the extension outlines your thoughts is the best part and lets you organize them even before you really start breaking them down. It is a very simple tool to navigate and can be set up in a matter of minutes for you to start managing your quick thoughts and notes in no time at all. You can even elaborate on your thoughts and collapse them later on to see your whole day.

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2) BeyondPad

This clean cut and polished extension allow you to write notes on the side of any web page whenever you want. The whole extension comes together very nicely that you can easily retrieve your notes later, this way you keep control of all your data. BeyondPad is as simple or as complex as you want your thoughts to be. It also links up your notes with the website it was made on which can help you remember why you had that thought or observation at the time. We love it!

3) Coggle

The coggle extension is a bit different and could be a little overwhelming for those looking for a simple note tool. However, it is so good we thought we had to include it in our list. This note keeping extension will help those who have problems getting that creative spirit and ideas out, it will present your notes in a mind map format. It is very elegant and creates the mindmap extremely quickly for you to keep your notes carefully.

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4) Stickies

For those users longing for the comfort of a traditional post-it note, well look no further than Stickies. This great extension gives you a digital stickie note for you to jot down your ideas on quickly and easily. You can highlight sections and drag the other to a different stickie if you need. Another nifty feature lets you pin the stickie note to a webpage and then it will appear whenever you come back to it! Looks great and really easy to use.

5) Google Keep

If you do not want to risk using a third-party extension then you can always stay close to Google with their Google Keep. They have their very own note keeping extension and it gets the job done. It is very easy to use on Chrome and also Android, also replicates the digital post-it look that lets you jot down quick thoughts easily. It lets you keep it all organized and easy to navigate by assigning colors to different thoughts. And if you are on the move then you can always transcribe your notes with your Android phone. It lets people collaborate too and then you can share the collaboration all with one click.

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So how do you keep your notes?

Hope this breakdown was helpful for you, that is the 5 best chrome extensions we recommend for taking quick notes on your computer. Please do let us know how you take down notes and if you have a different extension you prefer!


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