Best 5 iPhone 6 Wireless Charger Receivers

Any gadget enthusiasts dream of owning a wireless charger that’s been exasperatingly difficult to obtain before. There are handsets available in the market that support this technology but creates confusion to the consumers on deciding what product to pick from the swamp of competing standards and third-party-add-ons.

Some manufacturers already produce products that offers the convenience of wireless charging to the users. You can now charge your phone without those annoying wires and cables. To avoid adding bulk, you can slip them into the case and works effectively with a wireless charging pad. In this light, companies bring to us the convenience of a wireless charger adapter that promises the users of a hassle-free wireless charging. This is very helpful for those constantly travelling or for the people who loves a tidy place free from tangled cables.

To choose the best wireless charger, it is important to know the compatibility of the device to the phone. Even if it’s considered as a neophyte technology, there are numerous models available in the market. To help you choose from the pool of wireless chargers, we made a list of the top 5 products that will help you get rid of the cords and keep your device powered. Live your life conveniently and enjoy hassle-free charging!

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Qi Wireless Charging Receiver

Qi Wireless Charging Receiver wirelessly charges iPhone 6 with the help of any Qi compatible charging transmitter pad. This is uniquely designed to be used with soft iPhone cases and blends seamlessly into the phone by slipping it under the case. Qi Wireless Charging Receiver  that comprises a lightning connector attached via an ultra-thin flexible ribbon cable enables you to easily charge your phone without adding bulk.

Qi Wireless Charging Receiver

Current market price: $35.00

Ubest Qi Wireless Charging Receiver

Ubest Qi Wireless Charging Receiver features an input power: DC5V, 1A, charging current: 680mA, charging power: about 5W and only weighs about 0.02kg. The transmission distance is 5mm with a charging efficiency not more than 70%. Ubest Qi Wireless Charging Receiver is designed to be suitable with iPhone 6 and can be put or inserted under a protective case. This receiver needs to work with the Qi wireless charging pad.

Ubest Qi Wireless Charging Receiver

Available in the market for $13.95.

Ultra Slim Qi Wireless Power Charger Receiver

Ultra Slim Qi Wireless Power Charger Receiver with lightning interface is designed to be compatible with iPhone 6 (4.7-inch and works with the latest iOS8. It is super slim which makes it possible to slip it into a cellphone case. The compatible charging pad input is not greater than 1.5 A. This product is sold exclusively by GeekriaDirect with superb customer service that ensures consumers of only genuine Geekria(TM) products.

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Ultra Slim Qi Wireless Power Charger Receiver

You can purchased it for $18.50.

Tontec® Wireless Charger Charging Receiver

Tontec® Wireless Charger Charging Receiver is an universal Wireless Charging Receiver for most phone with micro USB interface It is ultra silm, light weight, high quality, bend tested and with high efficient rapid wireless charge. This charger charging receiver is stable and compatible with a wide range of handsets with USB interface and the micro USB interface in the middle of bottom side. Tontec® Wireless Charger Charging Receiver can be attached to the battery all the time and would not interrupt the normal use of the phone.

Tontec® Wireless Charger Charging Receiver

Buy it online for only $20.99.

Firstway® Qi Wireless Charging Receiver

Already tried arranging endless wires when charging? Firstway® introduces Qi wireless charging receiver which  is made for your iPhone 6 and features ultra slim design which is able to fit with most 8mm thickness protective cases. It is very easy to use this receiver. You can charge your iPhone wirelessly when used with a Qi charger pad. Say goodbye to the endless cords with Firstway® Qi wireless charging receiver and enjoy hassle-free charging.

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Firstway®qi wireless charging receiver

Market price: $13.89.