Best 5 iPhone X Armbands

When we are working out or going on our morning jog, you want to be sure that your iPhone X is safely attached to your arm. The best way to do this is to invest in a good armband. It keeps your device conveniently by your side and makes sure it stays secure. With an armband in place, it allows you to quickly change the song on your iPhone X or make a quick call while continuing your exercise routine. With an armband, you can concentrate on your workout and make sure that you are following through with your exercise routine correctly. No need to worry that your device might fall to the ground and be damaged. You can stay healthy and not miss a call all at the same time! This is why the armband has quickly become a must-have accessory for most iPhone X users, so we decided to have a quick look at some of the best iPhone X Armbands on the market. Here today we have written an article for you discussing the 5 Best iPhone X armbands.

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Every armband we have looked at is made of great material and will be comfortable to wear. You can attach your device in place safely and be sure it will not fall. Best of all you can use your phone without having to detach it. Read through the article to find out more about the 5 best iPhone X armbands.


The LOVPHONE armband is a superb choice for your armband. It comes to together with a beautiful design and protects your device. The velcro ensures your device does not slip away and it is very soft to touch. The screen protection is also really transparent so you will be able to see who is calling you and if you want to answer! The fabric is soft but remains very strong so you know your device is well protected. Great for any runner that likes to sprint off and know their phone is safe!

Sporteer Velocity

With its modern and current looking design, the Sporteer Velocity V6 is one of the best iPhone X armbands you will find. It is manufactured with premium materials so you know that it will attach snugly and comfortably to your arm. This armband lets you concentrate 100% on your workout and never worry that you may damage your device. The great thing also is it absorbs sweat and moisture. With a great choice of black or pink, this is the armband for you!

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Xboun Sports

The Xboun has a cool sounding name and it fits it perfectly. With its modern cutting design and green neoprene fabric, you know that any driver will see you in the night. The armband is completely water resistant so you can take your device through any terrain during any weather. The fabric is soft and extremely flexible making it one of our best choices. The screen protector is very transparent so you will not have any problems seeing what song you want to put on next.

Gear Beast

The Gear Beast, just as it names suggest is a beast of an armband. Packed with many features to keep your device safe when you are on the move. It also remains soft and flexible allowing you to rotate and use your iPhone X when needed. It is also compatible with slim cases which is a big plus. And has sizes for all arms so no matter how much weights you are lifting, this armband will always fit. Screen protection is completely water resistant so you can workout knowing your device will stay safe.

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The QuanFun is the last choice we have picked for you and it is an amazing one for you. Made out of soft Lycra fabric it is soft and sturdy. It resists water and is sweat proof. With a nifty night reflector, you can run through the moonlight without any problems at all. The great design lets you also store your keys or cards in the armband too.

That finishes off our best 5 iPhone X armbands that you can pick up for a great price today. Please do let us know what armband you will be attaching your device to in the comments below.