Best 5 iPhone X Wallet Cases

Phone cases are supposed to protect your phone against scratches and drops. But there is a case type that does more, wallet case. A wallet case means a phone case that you can also put in your credit cards, ID, driver license or cash etc. Some people don’t like to carry a lot of things with them, so they prefer to combine their phones and wallets. These wallet cases may be handy and also good looking too. If you are one of those people and looking for a nice wallet case, maybe you had better check these best 6 wallet cases for iPhone X in the list we prepared for you!

FLOVEME Vintage Zipper

Floveme produced a very stylish, elegant and well-designed pocket wallet case for iPhone X. It is handmade and a high quality leather was used. The cutouts are perfect for buttons, speakers, audio ports and charging ports. It doesn’t affect the usage of the phone. The vintage style brings an elegant and luxury look to the wallet. Besides its beautiful look, it is also very good in usage too. The design is like a handbag wallet with card slots a hand strap and easy access to ID, cash and credit cards. You can buy this case for $13.99.

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ZVE Apple iPhone X Wallet Case

ZVE’s wallet case is a great choice for daily usage. It is compatible with only 2017 release Apple iPhone X 5.8 inch Display. There is a card and cash slot on the back of the case. You can put your credit cards, ID, money or driver license. Even if you drop or flip it, cards and money won’t fall of, it is a tight slot. At the same time, you can easily get your cards and cash, using the release ribbon. The design is smart in this manner. The look is nice, it is made of leather. There are three color options, Black, mint green and rose gold. This beautiful and user-friendly case is only for $16.99.


LAMEEKU Protective iPhone X

This stylish and handy wallet case by Lameeku is only used with iPhone X 5.8 Inches Display. It is handmade and made from leather. Quality of leather is high and that makes is an elegant case. On the back, there are three hidden slots for cards, cash or ID. By pulling the ribbon, cards can be easily taken out. Beyond wallet usage, it also provides a strong protection against scratches, drops or any such damages. You won’t have any problem by using your iPhone regarding camera, mute button or volume buttons. The case perfectly fit iPhone X. Three color options, black, mint green and rose gold are provided. The price is $14.99.

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Pasonomi iPhone X Wallet Case

This wallet case for iPhone X was designed by Pasonomi to provide what a normal size wallet can. It draws attention for being very useful. It has 9 slots for you to put your credit cards, driver license or cash. There is also a place, a window view, where you can put a photo. So much like a big normal wallet, right? It is made of a good quality leather, so it looks good too. You have to pay $15.85 for this wallet case.

Esing Outdoor Universal Genuine Leather Wallet Case

This one catches the eye with its tight grip and charismatic look. You can put 3 cards or ID, and cash in the slot which is on back of the case. The cool thing is that you can use a card as a kickstand! Three color options there are, black onyx, blue jade and crimson red. It looks almost like a normal case, though and protective.