Best 5 Smart Plugs For Alexa

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There is no denying that the new hot tech is the excitement around turning your residence into a smart home. It can quickly all become a bit too much when you start diving into how you can transform your home into a smart home. Our recommendation is to start with something simple and it does not get any easier than installing some simple Alexa compatible Smart Plugs. They are inexpensive and do not need any know how to install them. Just plug your new Smart Plug into your existing plug and that is all! Now your traditional wall sockets are suddenly transformed into smarter plugs that can be remotely controlled via your Alexa. You can monitor power usage or set up schedules on any of your home’s devices. And that is all from the command of your voice via the Amazon Alexa. Here we have written an article for you about the Best 5 Smart Plugs for Alexa that you can find today.

It can be hard to decide which product to buy. And we understand the annoyance you face when it all goes wrong! So do not worry, we have checked the market for you and looked at the best smart plugs on offer, so just read on and find out about the best 5 Smart Plugs for Alexa.

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TP-Link HS100 Smart Plug

The TP-LINK Smart Wi-Fi plug is an amazing piece of technology that combines a smart plug with an energy monitoring function also. It is fully integrated with Amazon Alexa allowing you to easily control your device’s functions via voice command. It even comes packed with a very cool “Away” mode which will switch on and off your lights at random times, which will help deter any burglars! It has an elegant design and installs within seconds into your traditional plug. You can also easily control the plug from any Android or iOS device. With its Remote Control feature, you can control the plug even when you are away from home.

D-Link Smart Plug

The D-Link Wi-Fi Smart Plug is our second choice, giving you high quality at a great price too. It is a bit on the big side though, so be sure that you will have room to insert it into your traditional plug. Fully integrates with your Alexa easily, so you can control the plug straight away from the command of your voice. It will allow you to schedule your any lights you have plugged into this socket, so you can make sure the plug is in use only when you want it to be.

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Belkin Wemo Insight

The Belkin Wemo Insight is one of the best Smart Plugs on the market, it works flawlessly with your Alexa right out the box. It offers you many features such as power monitoring and many different smart home integrations. Also, it just looks great with its sleek and modern design. You will be scheduling your lights or devices in no time and will be saving money with the power monitoring.

iDevices Switch

If you have been looking into Smart Plugs for some time then look no further than the iDevice Switch. This smart plug comes packed with everything you could ever need and also looks great! The Very minimalist design makes sure it does not block any other outlets. Also, a unique feature is its LED night lights to ensure you can always find it if needed. It works perfectly with the Amazon Alexa so you can have the smart home setup you have been looking for in a matter of minutes. The Wi-Fi connection is always strong and the plug does not lose it. Remote control function lets you control the plug when you are out and about.

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TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini

Our last recommendation for you would have to be the TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini. These are based on the original TP-Link smart plug but as the name suggest much smaller. Don’t worry though they still come packed with all the features you need. They are compatible with Alexa and allow you to control your plug remotely when on the go. Being smaller they are easier to install and do not take up as much outlet space which is great!

That is 5 great Smart Plug choices that we highly recommend as they provide excellent value and high quality while remaining fully compatible with Amazon Alexa. Please let us know in the comments below which Alexa Smart Plug you will be using!

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