Best 6 iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Docking Stations with Speakers

If you are one of those iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus owners who are seeking for extra comfort while spending time on facetime or watching a bunch of videos on your smartphone, you probably want to be completely relaxed on your couch without having to hold a phone in your hands. Well, docking stations made that possible a while ago, but now they have speakers too! This Speaker docks can serve multiple purposes such as a charging stand, alarm clock, FM radio and powerful high-quality speaker. Even if you have never thought of buying one, put your eyeball on our selection of the best 6 docking stations with speakers, because you might change your mind!

1. Inateck

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Treat yourself with a whole new listening experience, hear all your favorite tunes in a more enhanced bass boost, high definition, and surprising fullness through 5 Watts x2 drivers. This convenient contemporary design is made from tested environmentally friendly ABS plastic and offers retractable stand to firmly hold your device and protect it from physical damage. Thanks to the automatic pairing mode, this SpeackDock automatically reconnects with the last BT device that was used. Has a great compatibility: works with any iOS or non-iOS Bluetooth enable device, plus there is a 3.5 mm audio jack that will enable use for non-Bluetooth devices.

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2. JBL

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JBL comes with full-range transducers with digital signal processing which deliver exceptional sound. The built-in speaker and the rechargeable battery provide 8 hours of playtime. You can use JBL One Beat Mini to connect it to the latest iPod, iPhone, and iPad mini. This docking station with a speaker will securely hold any of these devices and provide you with enjoyable hands-free experience. The design is solid, simple and convenient.


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The modern design Bose speaker dock has nicely complemented the other advanced features that it offers. The auxiliary input gives you an option to play other audio devices along with your phone. Its proprietary acoustic design gives a full-range audio performance from a compact system and you can simply adjust the volume with the volume control that you will find on the speaker. You can use it with any iPod and iPhone models that have apple lightning connector.

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iHome iDL44 speaker dock can do many things for you: entertain you with exceptional sound quality with its Reson8 sealed speaker and 6 Fm Radio, wake you up every morning for work thanks to the dual alarm that allows you to set weekday, weekend and other custom alarm settings, power up your smartphone and enable you to experience hands-free operating. This is a case friendly speaker dock, so most likely, you won’t have to remove your phone case every time you put it on the stand. Comes with a lighting connector, hence and it is compatible with iPhone 7 and earlier models as well lighting connector iPad models.

5.Jelly Comb

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This multi-feature speaker dock made from natural wood soothed to a soft finish can firmly hold your iPhone both vertically and horizontally which makes it perfect for face time or reading. But keep in mind that you have to remove the phone case in order to place it on the stand correctly. This Jelly Comb docking station with speaker comes with a special cutout to accommodate the power or sync cable. It sync charges your device and also makes the cable organized. This product will not only power up your iPhone but also boost the volume to your iPhone’s speaker by 10 decibels and wake you up in the morning.

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Satechi iFit-3BT docking station features high-quality stereo system with speakers on both sides for better sound experience. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery will give you up to 7 hours of playback time. You can place your smartphone horizontally or vertically thanks to the slanted design. This speaker dock has a modern and portable design that will look great into your work or home atmosphere.