Best 6 iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Bluetooth Keyboards

Digital era and world’s market globalization turned 9-5 jobs into working from home, from the bus, café, practically working in movement all the time. Most of us were in a situation where you need to write a long work-related e-mail, read documents or review data on the go, but you only have your iPhone with you. Why not make your life easier with a lightweight Bluetooth keyword! Fits perfectly in your purse or pocket, saves you time struggling to type on a virtual keyboard and the best thing is that you can finish all those work-related tasks and much more almost everywhere. Take a look at our selection of the best 6 iPhone 7 and 7 plus Bluetooth keyboards.

1. Belkin

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Belkin wireless keyboard offers premium typing experience with TruType keys. Whether you are on your workstation or on the go, this lightweight, ultra-versatile Bluetooth keyboard will make the most of your time on board. Provides maximum protection with its kickstand case, so you barely have to worry about scratches while you keep it in your handbag. You can use it up to 160 hours at only one charge, thanks to its rechargeable battery. Plus you never have to choose between your phone and tablet anymore, as this Bluetooth keyboard supports two devices up to 10″ at a time!

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2. MoKo

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The magnetic foldable design in MoKo’s Bluetooth keyboard is really a game changer! This design enables you to carry it even in your pocket! The keyboard’s surface is all metal, but it is lightweight and easy to carry. MoKo Bluetooth keyboard offers bright backlight in three colors: red, blue and green, and two dimness settings. This makes it easy to use in areas with low-lit or no lightning at all. Its rechargeable battery can serve you for 300 hours continuous use on a single charge.

3. iClever

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The iClever Bluetooth keyboard offers a compact design with full standard size keys for fast and comfortable typing experience. Allows you to fold it into ⅓ of the size, making it highly convenient and lightweight for you to carry it around. This is another Bluetooth keyboard that offers backlight in 3 possible colors: red, blue or green and two levels of brightness, so you don’t have to worry about working in poorly-lit areas. Its aircraft-grade aluminum alloy texture makes it durable and damage resistant. Battery lasts up to 300 hours continuously use, if you don’t use the backlights.

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4. 1byone

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The 1byone wireless keyboard comes with the ergonomic, ultra-thin, lightweight, foldable design, slightly “V” shaped(166°) that allows more natural position for the wrists while typing. Its PU Leather with tactile texture looks and feels great, but also protects the keyboard itself. The lithium rechargeable battery lasts up to 40 hours continuous use, but you can always fully charged it much shorter than other Bluetooth keyboards: for less than two hours!

5. FosMon

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The fosMon keyboard comes in an easy portable, lightweight, and fashionable design, convenient to carry around. It offers full QWERTY keyboard and touchpad which cuts the effort and the pain and gives enjoyable experience to your fingers while typing. Features buttons for home, page Up/Down, volume control which increases your speediness during online researchers. Has a LED backlights for comfortable use in dark environments. It is user-friendly for a PS3 gamer as well.

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6. Ice Frog

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Ice Frog wireless keyboard features luxury aluminum alloy body that will get you at first glance! Besides the modern and advanced design, you have automatically turn on/off option and maximum accuracy while typing. The built-in kickstand ideally holds your iPhone or other devices. It is a bit pricey, but also it is one of the most solid and lasting Bluetooth keyboards. Its built-in rechargeable lithium polymer battery can last up to 3 years of regular use between charges. You have a choice of gold, silver and rose gold color.