Best 6 iPhone 8 Bluetooth Keyboards

When you are out and about, always on the move, as is the norm in the modern world it can always prove problematic when you need to respond to a business email or want to make sure your writing is accurate & professional. Sometimes you just don’t have the room for your laptop in your bag & if like myself, you suffer from the fat finger syndrome it can always prove daunting to write a professional email from your little touchpad iPhone8. How embarrassing when you respond to your boss’s email about the next quarter and make a typo! If only you had an iPhone 8 Bluetooth keyboard to solve this issue?

Apple has a, of course, thought this through for you, enter to the stage the wonderful technology that is Bluetooth, the wireless connection standard intended to connect different devices over short distances. Bluetooth 5.0 supports twice the transfer speed of the previous version, it is faster and can now be accurate much longer ranges. The new standard still works perfectly over 4 times further than Bluetooth 4.2, you will now be able to walk much further away from your phone without losing the connection to any of your Bluetooth devices! Bluetooth 5 was released back in December 2016 and is already available on multiple devices, however, the iPhone8 and the iPhone X are the first devices released by Apple which will work flawlessly with the new standard.

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With this great new Bluetooth standard, here is a breakdown of the 6 best iPhone8 Bluetooth keyboards currently on the market that you can get.

1) Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard

This baby is renowned as one of the best Bluetooth keyboard’s that money can buy, and with good cause. It has an integrated smartphone & tablet stand & boasts a battery that can last up to 6 months of continuous use! It is also compatible with multiple devices and has an easy to use a switch to filter through them. Sure it may be a bit on the pricey side but for all its features we see it as a bargain.

2) Hype Bluetooth Keyboard

The time-tested QWERTY layout will really allow you to use this Bluetooth keyboard with ease. It comes with a sleep mode which will be enabled when necessary which helps preserve your battery life. It is also very lightweight so easy to fit in your bag. This is an ultra slim model so it will look sleep and beautiful next to your iPhone 8.

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3) iClever portable folding keyboard IOS

Very solid choice for your Bluetooth keyboard for your iphone8, USB charging & very easy to move around with you due to the folding nature, so it can fit anywhere & not take up too much of your precious bag space. Very appealing price so you will not find an abundance of features but this is a very simple straightforward keyboard which works as intended. Boasts a range of up to 10 meters.

4) Foldable Keyboard Aircraft-grade

This option is foldable so really helps when needing to pack it into your bag, the aircraft grade material ensures it can survive any drop during a hectic run through the coffee shop line. It can fit in your pocket! QWERTY layout as always helps you with easy touch typing. USB charging and an easy to feel textures really rounds this Bluetooth keyboard into a great choice for you to use with your iphone8.

5) Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard K480

A great option for you if you are looking to type in comfort as this is what it has been designed for, also sports an easy to use a switch so can you type on your iPhone 8 and then move on to typing on your iPad if needed! A battery that boasts over 800 hours of continuous use in one charge. It has an integrated cradle as per the photo which will hold your iphone8 at the perfect height to read, this way you will not break your neck while trying to type!

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6) MOTONG Bluetooth Keyboard

This sleek and modern looking design will partner up well with your iphone8, it also offers over 700 hours of battery life. It is very lightweight and paper thin, the auto sleep mode will turn it off when not in use to save your battery. Great little keyboard with a nice price.

That is it, for now, hope these 6 best iPhone 8 Bluetooth keyboard helped you, please let us know what your favorite iPhone 8 Bluetooth keyboard is and what you think of our round-up in the comments below! Until next time.

Samuel R.