Best 6 Smart Bulbs With Speakers

Smart bulbs with speakers you say? I know, I know I can also hear you thinking who in the world had this silly idea to put a speaker in a light bulb! Why would anyone think that having a speaker in a light bulb would actually be a good idea, but if you take a moment to think about it, opening up your mind and take a little step back it actually makes senseā€¦ kind of! The smart light bulb will be ideally placed in your home to provide with great sound cover and give you that surround sound feeling that you can only find at a live concert. Playing those favorite jams out of your ceiling so you can jump around and drop those dance moves in the comfort & privacy of your own home without having to think of accidentally stepping on your speaker. The smart bulb will effortless stream your music from any Bluetooth device like your phone so you can enjoy walking around your home and having your music follow you around. So here are the 6 best Smart bulbs with speakers we could find that you can order today and enjoy your best tunes on!

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1) Sengled Solo Dimmable LED Bulb with Built-In Bluetooth Dual Channel JBL Speakers

Amazing build quality and very easy to install, probably the highest quality sound you can find in a smart bulb providing you with dual channel support & 3 years of protection as it has a lifetime of 25000 hours. It has great App support also, you can control the pulse of the light and can be entirely controlled by your Amazon Alexa.

2) Texsens Bluetooth Music Bulb Playing RGB Change Light with 24keys Remote Control Wireless

The Texsens music bulb is another great choice for a bulb with a speaker, it boasts a heavy bass acoustic function also so you can really enjoy those funky tunes. It also has a flicker mode which allows the light to dance with the music and supports a full range of RGB colors, really lets you transform your room into a small disco for the party nights.

3) Autai LED Light Bulb with Smart Bluetooth Speaker and APP control RGB Multi Color Changing Dimmable

The Autai bulb has an unmatched amount of color changing options and gives you a wireless range of up to 26 feet. Imagine putting your kids to bed and playing an audiobook through their new Autai speaker night lamp, a magical experience for any child!

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4) NINISEI Bluetooth Speaker Light Bulb,Smart Light,E27 6W Thousands of Light Colors,Support For Iphone, Android Phone. Party Lighting.

This Smart speak bulb provides a very easy installation as it has a QR code to scan to retrieve the needed App straight from the Android/iPhone store! The NINISEI boasts over 1.3 million colors that can be set via the App to reflect your mood all synchronized with the music you choose also!

5)Mabor Bluetooth Smart LED Light Bulb Speaker RGB Color Changing with Remote Control

The Mabor Smart LED light is one of the best smart speaker bulbs available right now, a great competitive price too and supports multiple ranges of different colors. A stunning 50-watt halogen light that can be mounted on any E27 lamp which comes with a nifty little remote control so you can easily set the light and speakers to the mood that suits you.

6) Smart Light Bulb, Aelite LED Bluetooth Light Bulb Speaker APP Controlled Music Dimmable Night Light Lamp 6w e26/27 Base

The last choice on is round up but by no means the worst, the Aelite brand is another strong manufacturer in the world of Smart bulb speakers. Super support via an easy to connect App which allows you to easily control the music and dim the lights to suit any atmosphere. A cool secondary option of this smart bulb is it can be used as an alarm!

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Well there you have it, folks, I hope you found this roundup useful and welcome to world of Smart bulbs with speakers, hope you found our best 6 Smart bulbs with speakers roundup interesting and hope to see some comments about your new multi-colored speakers in the near future!


Samuel R