Best 7 iPhone 6 Wooden Cases for 2015

 Normal polycarbonate cases are popular protector of iPhone 6 but wooden cases are becoming a trend these days. Today, wide variety of wooden cases that have novel aesthetic flairs are available in the market. Most of these cases have prints on the lightweight real wood that will give a distinct and unique style to the device.

Wood cases fit your phone like a glove, ensure maximum protection and guarantee absolute satisfaction to the user. There are also wooden iPhone cases that will showcase the owner’s personality and style.

To help you decide on the type of wooden case you need to purchased, we’ve listed the 7 best wooden cases for you. These cases are made with varying materials and manufactured to cater the consumer’s desire. If you think organic materials contrasted against the steel and glass of an iPhone 6 is beautiful then wooden cases fit your taste.

Real Natural Sapele Wood Case

This case is 100% handmade of real wood with distinct wood grain and fine finish. It is easy to use and fits like a glove. It is also designed with precise opening on the protective case to allow access to all the features of the iPhone 6. The interior of this case is made with soft velvet to protect your phone from abrasions, a bamboo shell and elegant details to highlight stylish temperament.

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You can buy it for $11.48.

Handmade [Fine Finish] Stripes Real Natural Sapele Wood Case Wooden Cover

VWTECH Wooden Shockproof Case

Go green with this wooden case made with natural eco-friendly material. This case features a unique natural wood grain and fine finish with precise laser cut and engraved details. These features transforms your phone to have natural feel and finish. Other features include quick snap on/off application and form-fitting hard exterior. It is also extra slim, durable and lightweight. The material used for this case is a superior quality wood to protect your device against abrasions, tear and accidental drops.

It is also budget friendly, spare $13 for this eco-friendly case.

VWTECH Unique Real Handmade Natural Wood Wooden Hard Bamboo Shockproof Case

SunSmart Wooden Case Cover

Handcrafted with 100% natural wood (bamboo) and designed perfectly to cover every curve of your phone. The durability of real bamboo will protect your phone from scratches, bumps and accidental drops. This case is meticulously made to have smooth finish. It is also super thin and lightweight to add convenience and top it with the very natural and sophisticated design that guarantees satisfaction.

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Satisfy your desire for $13.

SunSmart Unique Handmade Genuine Natural Wood Wooden Hard bamboo Case Cover

Handmade [Fine Finish] Real Walnut Natural Wood Case

Created to perfectly fit your phone and can be applied or removed conveniently without using any tools. This case is handmade with 100% real walnut wood and designed with elegant temperament and superior quality. Two cases are attached together to highlight precise workmanship and precise details to allow access to every features of the phone. Velvet interior protects your phone from scratches and durable exterior will shield your phone against accidental drops and bumps.

The starting price for this case is $11.

Handmade [Fine Finish] Real Walnut Natural Wood Case

SunSmart Bamboo Case Cover (Color-Stripe)

Look natural! SunSmart Bamboo Case cover is handcrafted with real wood/bamboo and designed to perfectly cover and protect every edges of your iPhone 6. To add convenience to the user, it is designed to be chic, super thin and lightweight. The case also has smooth finish and protects your device from scrapes, accidental bumps and drops.

The current price is $11.

SunSmart Unique Handmade Genuine Natural Wood Wooden Hard bamboo Case Cover (Color Stripe)

Mallom(TM) Wooden Case Cover

Mallom(TM) is a registered trademark and the only authorized seller of abcsell branded products. This case is made with real natural bamboo is only suitable for iPhone 6 and provides protection against scratches, dust and accidental drops. Precisely designed to allow access to all the buttons and functions of your phone and also fits like a glove.

This wooden case starting price is $9.

Mallom(TM) Fashion Cool Genuine Natural Bamboo Wooden Wood Case Cover

HESPLUS Birds on Tree Pattern Wooden Hard Case Cover

Keep it natural. This case is created to suit iPhone 6 and handcrafted with 100% real natural Eco-friendly bamboo. This case is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. This case also features two-piece slides around the phone to protect against accidental bumps and abrasion. Cuts are precise to allow access to all the function of the phone. Designed to look elegant and classical.

For almost $11, you can protect your phone with this case.

HESPLUS Birds on Tree Pattern Genuine Handmade Natural Wood Wooden Hard Case Cover