Best Agile Scrum Courses and Certifications (Free and Paid)

Scrum is a subdivision of Agile and a popularly used delicate framework operation for Agile development. A framework operation is a specific set of practices which must be adhered to if an operation is to be compatible with the framework.

For instance, the Scrum framework operation need to utilize development cycles also known as Sprints while the XP framework needs pair programming. Delicate in this case is used to mean that the projecting of the operation is kept as minimal as possible in order to maximize the magnitude of productive time to execute as much functional work.

Rather than offering a comprehensive of how everything should be executed in the Agile Scrum world, the Scrum software development team is tasked with executing most of the tasks. This is because they’re more experienced to solve problems as they occur.

This explains why in Scrum development, for instance, a sprint organizing meeting is defined according to the anticipated results; that is an adherence to an array of features to be designed in the subsequent sprint rather than an array of entry criteria, validation criteria, task definitions, and exit criteria among others as would be offered in various methodologies. There is a lot you can learn from Agile Scrum and the following courses are ideal to get you started.

Best Free Agile Scrum Courses

In this area you will see what are the best free agile scrum courses that will help you go into the basic of scrum without paying anything.

1. Basics of Scrum, Agile and Project Delivery

‘Introduction to Scrum’ course is tailored to help anyone interested to know more about Scrum; learn about key concepts in Scrum as defined in the SBOK™ Guide; and to get a basic understanding of how Scrum framework works in delivering successful projects. 

This course contains video lectures on all aspects of Scrum and how Scrum Body of Knowledge (SBOK Guide) has been designed to help you implement scrum in your projects. 

2. Agile With Scrum – From Beginner to Advanced

This course is designed to give you a great understanding of what scrum is and how you can start implementing it. In this course you will follow scrum expert and certified scrum trainer Luke Angel as he walks through what scrum is and why scrum has taken the business world by storm. He will take you on a journey on how to organize your scrum team and get scrum working at your organization. You will learn about the scrum roles, ceremonies and artifacts.

3. Agile & Scrum Overview – Certification Info

The course includes agenda, list of agile methodologies and framework. Most popular agile methodologies and frameworks are described briefly: Extreme Programming, Lean, Kanban. Then, the most popular Agile framework, Scrum Framework is described briefly. Finally, agile & scrum certifications are described. 

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Best Paid Agile Scrum Courses and Certifications

1. Scrum Certification Prep +Scrum Master+ Agile Scrum Training

This course is specially designed to help you save colossal amounts of money you’d otherwise have spent on Scrum training and certification. The best thing about taking this course is that you don’t need previous experience to enroll. In the end, you shall have the ideal knowledge just as the course founders set it to be.

Further, you’ll be able to complete a Scrum Certification confidently. The lecturer will ensure you attend the Scrum Open Assessment, allowing you to practice before finally sitting for the final certification examination. Taking this course also allows you to engage with your lecturer, raise questions where necessary, and get the right responses on time.


  • Understand what Scrum is and why it’s ideal for accomplishing even the most intricate projects on time.
  • Understand the Scrum practices
  • Be confident enough to undertake the Scrum Open Assessment before undertaking the Scrum Certification Exam.
  • Learn how to get the Scrum certification without spending huge amounts of money
  • Learn how to implement your project on time
  • Learn the waterfall model and understand why its less adaptable compared to Agile
  • Understand the difference between Scrum and Agile
  • Learn the latest updates in the Scrum guide
  • Learn the difference between events, roles, and artifacts

2. Scrum Fundamentals and Certification

The Scrum Fundamentals and Certification course are among the most comprehensive Scrum courses available in the market today. This course covers everything you may want to know in order to complete an Agile Scrum project. To enroll in this course, you will need a Smartphone, Tablet, PC, or a laptop. You’ll also need a pair of good quality headphones.

However, you don’t need previous Scrum experience or knowledge. At the end of this course, you’ll receive: a Scrum certified digital badge to include in your resume, two completion certificates, an online profile of your choice, and unlimited access to the most energetic Scrum community across the globe.

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  • Learn how to apply Scrum to your projects
  • Understand how to fast implement projects using Scrum
  • Use Scrum to add value to your business
  • Understand the varying Scrum concepts
  • Learn the Scrum values, pillars, and principles
  • Learn the varying Scrum tools
  • Know the differences between a waterfall or conventional project management, and Scrum
  • Understand the history of Scrum

3. Scrum Master Professional Cert,Real Cases and Exam Questions

To enroll for this course, you’ll need knowledge regarding the IT and software industry. Having worked in software projects will be an added advantage. This course is designed to help you enhance your career by teaching you how to use Scrum to implement software projects successfully in an agile manner.

It also prepares you to excel in the Professional Scrum Master I online exam. The course covers agile from a mindset viewpoint as opposed to a process perspective. In addition to the theory, you’ll take practice and quiz exams from time to time to test how much you understand.


  • Undertake the Professional Scrum Master I Exam
  • Gain confidence to work as a Scrum master
  • Be able to work in Agile projects
  • Become better at delivering software projects
  • Get a better understanding of Scrum roles
  • Be able to collaborate with self-organizing teams
  • Learn Scrum meetings

4. Scrum and Agile Basics – Theory, Practical Hints, Cert. Tips

The Scrum and Agile Basics course is divided into various modules with each consisting of various sections which culminate in a quiz which tests how much you understand the course. This course will cover all the principal Scrum framework components such as; Scrum roles, Scrum events, and Scrum artifacts.

You don’t require any previous experience or knowledge to enroll in this course as it’s designed for intermediate and beginners. However, it can also be ideal for you if you plan to enhance your understanding of Scrum and Agile especially if you don’t undertake Scrum projects on a day to day basis. This course can also be used as inauguration to overall agile and project management since it covers all the fundamental concepts, placing Scrum in a wider framework.


  • Learn the Scrum framework basics
  • Leverage the practical tips and exercises incorporated within the course
  • Understand all the principal Scrum components: artifacts, roles, values, and events, and expound on their meaning.
  • Excel as a Scrum team member
  • Identify the differences between waterfall and agile approaches
  • Understand practical Sprint Retrospectives exercises which you can use  in your team
  • Avert most of the Scrum anti-patterns and common mistakes
  • Get the Professional Scrum Master certificate and
  • Learn the Scrum Poker estimation technique
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5. Certified Scrum Master Exam Prep: Scrum Practice Tests

To enroll for this course, you’ll need to have completed the Certified Scrum Master exam preparation or training course. This course is designed for everybody who wants to become a certified Scrum Master.


  • Undertake PSM I: Scrum Practice exams designed to prepare you for certification.
  • Go through the Scrum Master Certification Preparation Exercises – Agile Framework
  • Undertake selected relevant questions to adequately prepare you for the certification exam
  • Understand everything regarding Scrum

6.  Scrum Master™ Exam Prep 2019

This course is designed for students preparing for their Scrum Master certifications, people who want to scale their careers with Scrum, and passionate people who are focused on maximizing the advantages of Scrum and Agility in their organizations. To enroll in this course, you’ll need a basic understanding of the Scrum framework and guide, as well as experience with fundamental Scrum terminology.


  • Undertake practice exams which will see you become certified
  • Complete the appropriately formulated questions and understand the Scrum framework better.

7. Scrum for Beginners

While you don’t need previous experience to undertake this course, having a basic understanding of software development will be an added advantage. This course is specially designed by a software expert with more than 20 years of experience in software development, and years of practical experience in Agile and Scrum applications.

Further, this course covers all the fundamental concepts of Scrum complete with examples. It’s designed to allow beginners to learn everything there is to learn from scratch and enhance their effectiveness in the in any Scrum team. With this course, you’ll be able to educate your team members who have basic Scrum experience.


  • Understand the principal concepts of Scrum which you can apply in your projects
  • Accumulated comprehensive knowledge to enable you to play an efficient role in your Scrum team


If you’re looking to improve your Scrum and Agile knowledge and experience, choose any of the above-mentioned courses for you or even members of your Scrum team.