Best AirPods Accessories That You Should Have

Apple Company may have released many products but Airpods are one of their most complete and important when using all your Apple staff. Despite the fact that they are not the first wireless earphones to storm the market, they still stand one of the best. Perhaps the absolute best.

Every experience can be made better, and so do your AirPods experience. There are accessories that will complement and greatly enhance the experience you have with your Apple wireless earphones. Here are excellent accessories which made it in our list. They are great and everyone should have them.

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Best AirPod Accessories

Dust guard

We know that cleaning AirPods should be a regular job. The frequency will depend on how regular you use them. Despite that, they can get pretty dirty due to dusty conditions of where you work or other dusty conditions that deposit dust in your AirPod case. Also, an AirPod case normally has nine magnets. These magnets gather a lot of metallic and iron dust which one should really worry about.

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This problem should not make you scratch your head. Or adopt some weird improvisation to tackle the problem. All you need is to purchase a dust guard. Apart from preventing dust from building up, it also protects the wireless charging case from metallic dust which would otherwise impair its charging ability.

One good dust guard is Elago. This high-quality dust guard comes in different golden colors of rose gold, matte gold matte rose gold and also matte space grey. This caters for different color preferences. I believe your taste is included.

The Elago dust guard is made of iron which makes it pretty easy to install. You should, however, clean the AirPod thoroughly with rubbing before installing the dust guard.

Metallic body AirPod case

If you would love your wonderful AirPods to last long. Then, the metallic body AirPods protective case is something worth some serious consideration.

They are an improvement of silicon cases, but these are easy to use and operate. Metallic body AirPods case is a perfect skin cover made of aluminum in the outside and silicon in the inside. This makes them compact and offers great impact protection to the charging case and the AirPods.

They come in five different colors to choose from. This gives people with different color tastes and preferences a wide range of choices.

Their unique design does not make any changes to the original style which enables you to access the sync button on the charging case. This also ensures that the charging functions and the sensor of your AirPods function properly as they should.

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Some packages come with some interesting additions. For instance, silicone ear hooks which should be inserted on the AirPod groove to give an enhanced grip. This is a perfect addition especially for sportspeople and those who engage in a lot of workouts.

Another perfect addition is the key chains. This enables you to hang your AirPods on your outdoor backpack, buckle or writs band. If you used to lose your pieces now and then, this is a solution you should consider.

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Silicon covers

At times, you might need something that holds firm in your ears as you go out for jogging. Silicon AirPods covers gives a good sound projection and at the same time hold safely to enable you to exercise or involve in more physical and engaging tasks without worry. It can also protect them from water.

They are well-fitting and ensure that the sensors are not covered giving you one of the greatest experiences with your pieces.

Neck strap

Some silicon and metallic AirPods cases come with silicon covers and neck-straps. You may wonder why you need neck-straps as they remind of corded earphones.

Sometimes you might need the neck strap to connect you AirPods and hung them on your neck. This may prove important in some occasions. For instance, during workouts, you may need to remove your AirPods. When you remove them from your canals, you can use your neck strap to connect them together and have them safely hanging on your neck.

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Wireless Transmitter for AirPods

This is a solution for those who would love to use their AirPods as headphones. The wireless transmitter provides a wireless connection to your AirPods and offers a standard 3.5mm adaptor port which you can plug any other wired audio port.

This sounds great especially if you want to connect your AirPods with other audio outputs like woofer systems, gym equipment and any audio output that doesn’t support W1 or Bluetooth connectivity. This addition takes your experience with your AirPods to a whole new level.

Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver, ANGUO 2-in-1 3.5mm Audio Wireless Adapter for Speaker Home Stereo System
Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver, ANGUO 2-in-1 3.5mm Audio Wireless Adapter for Speaker Home Stereo System
【Battery Voltage】Input voltage:DC 5V. Built-in battery: 250mAh rechargeable battery.

Wireless Charging case

Second-generation AirPods come with a case that enables for wireless charging. All you need is a powerpod. This accessory also acts as a silicon case protecting your AirPods from shock impact

Ear Hooks For AirPods

In some cases, the AirPods tend to slide off from the ear and this may increase the chances you misplacing them. In other cases, the AirPods may not achieve the comfort one might desire hence limiting the period of using it. But some cases should not be limiting you from enjoying a high-quality sound experience.

EarBuddyz Ultra Ear Hooks and Covers Compatible with Apple AirPods 1 & AirPods 2 or EarPods Featuring Bass...
EarBuddyz Ultra Ear Hooks and Covers Compatible with Apple AirPods 1 & AirPods 2 or EarPods Featuring Bass...
Ultimate Apple AirPods and EarPods upgrade for perfect fit and enhanced bass; Improved noise isolation for AirPods, keeping unwanted noise out

With the best ear hooks, all your troubles will come to an end. But there some things you should check out for before getting your hands on one.

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