Best AirPods App for Android

Apple Airpods are wireless Bluetooth earbuds explicitly created to work with iPhones, iPad and other Apple products. In addition to playing audio, they feature in-built microphones that filter out background noise, which allows taking phone calls and talking to Appleā€™s digital assistant, Siri. These little devices are Bluetooth activated and are usable with any other computer or smartphone. So why would you need to have a software application to use Airpods with your Android device? You might ask. Picture yourself rocking out to your favorite band while you drive, the suddenly your Airpods are out of charge. In the words of a great man from the 21 pilots, “And now you just sit in silence”. The correct application can help avoid this awkward situation, among others. The Airpod apps restore the initial perks of the Apple ecosystem such as the battery indicator, the double-tap feature to switch songs, and the assistant.

Here are some of the highest-rated Airpod apps for Android users in no specific order.


Assistant Trigger does what its name implies. It prompts the goggle assistant on your Android phone using a shortcut that aides to activate Siri when connected to an IOS, a double-tap. This DotArrow Inc. utility app displays the percentage charge of the Airpods and the Aipod case and as a notification. Sadly, the percentage of charge display is not very accurate. Assistant Trigger also notices when the Airpod is in the ear and resumes media playback. The application will set you back at least $2 for the two latter features.

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The AirBattery is a utility app developed by Georg Friedrich. It is useful in showing current battery life, and in-ear detection for automatic playback. The automatic playback feature is limited to a few apps. The Bluetooth low energy interface for the app only works when the location is on. You can also only check the battery levels with at least one Airpod in the case. The pro version of the AirBattery application extends the necessary functionality to provide notifications on your phone.


This app is by Keonwoo Lee. The Podroid shows you the battery level every time you open the Airpod case. It also allows you to set the double-tap gesture on your Android to play/pause, skip, change volume and call the assistant. Unfortunately, you cannot be able to give different orders to individual Airpods. Podroid is available on Play Store. It also requires access to all your notifications to work correctly, and can even activate or dismiss buttons. This requirement might create a problem for users who are keen on privacy.


This Developer J service app displays the battery status as a screen overlay or as a notification. It is reasonably fast and has ear detection abilities. AirBuds Popup also needs access to your notifications and location to function correctly. Features like Read Caller, Assistive listen, and notification features are only available in the premium version that costs around $ 1.5.

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Podscontrol has a user interface (UI) that is neat and straight to the point. It displays the device name and connection information on the uppermost section. The feature that follows is a battery charge display for the Airpods and the case, then by a switch for enabling the monitoring system. This switch can be disabled to maximize battery life. And finally at the bottom is a customizable feature for double taps. Unfortunately, the Podscontrol does not allow the assignment of taps to individual Airpods. The app is a steal because it does not have a paid version for all available features, and it is easy to use. It also allows one to scan for undiscovered devices on the connections page.


Droidpods is mainly notification oriented. The controls are in the notification drawer, and the app sends a warning if the charge goes below 10%. It does not have a free version and can be obtained for a price of $2.5. The app does not seem to do much else.


Airpopup provides features such as battery life, listening assistance, notification and connection pop-up, that are natively not supported by Android devices. It displays the remaining battery percentage and listening time left. Tap gestures are also customizable. The application has ear detection capabilities for when the user takes off an Airpod. Airpopup allows you to personalize your menu with some color. There is an option to disable monitoring for battery life-saving. Regrettably, this app does not have a free version and costs about $2.

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The Equalizer helps configure the Airpod sound. The making of Airpods is centered on offering a flat and balanced sound. The Equalizer provides more vigor to the audio to create a more energetic vibe. The app features bass boost function, pre-sets, themes, optional notification control, and widgets.


MaterialPods is an Airpod application for Android that focuses on monitoring the percentage charge remaining in the Airpod battery and case. The app has an automatic play and pauses feature for the Airpods and Google assistant access. It is compatible with all generations of Airpods. MaterialPods require the location to be on in order to function correctly, and only work with Android 5.1 going up. Unfortunately, the app is not free, costing from $2 with updates going up to $5.

Most of these applications can be located in the Google Play Store. The apps also require your Android device to have Bluetooth connectivity. These applications have features that will help you enjoy your Airpods on your Android device without much of a hustle. Depending on your preferences, the variety is wide. Most of the mentioned apps were tested using the second generation Airpods, but have also been approved for the first generation. I prefer the PodsControl app.