Best Alexa Controlled Power Strips

As more and more devices start to support Alexa integration you can really start to build that complete smart home feel. Only when you have that one device that does not support a smart home hook up? What do you do? Do not worry we have the solution right here, no more frustration. Just connect that device straight to an Alexa controlled power strip. Basically, this is a smart power strip that does support Alexa connections. This way you are able to turn off that old school record player by voice command. So read on and learn about the best Alex controlled power strips you can find today.

If you are looking to be able to switch on and off your household devices with voice command. Then picking up a good Amazon Alexa integrated power strip is the way to go. Today we look at 5 power strips that give you this sort of functionality. The best 5 Amazon Alexa controlled power strips you can find.

1) Kisslink smart surge protector

Kisslink smart surge protector is a WiFi enabled outlet which synchronizes easily with Alexa. It also gives you some useful USB ports on your strip so you can easily charge up your phone or iPad. With the Kisslink app, you can easily turn it on or off with the command of your voice. Switch between different sockets or set up Alexa to turn on what you need in the morning. It could not be easier to schedule some fresh orange juice every morning with the Kisslink smart surge power strip.

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And best of all you also get very high-quality surge protection. This means you do not have to worry about your expensive desktop computer getting fried by a power surge.

2) Quirky Pivot Power Genius

The Quirky Pivot Power Genius would be our second pick. This is an amazing choice if you have a lot of devices with big power adapters. This power strip gives you a lot of room to work with. Of course, you can easily integrate it into your existing Alex smart home system. So with a few clicks or taps of your phone, suddenly your Amazon Echo will be scheduling your devices. The Quirky power smart strip boasts protection up to 1080 joules. This means that no matter what sort of electrical problems your home may face. Your devices will stay safe.

3) WiOn 50051 WiFi Surge protector

WiOn 50051 WiFi Surge protector is a newer option and definitely looks good. A simple design that packs everything together. Amazing for users that need to fit their power strip into a tight spot. Also equipped with USB outlets, you will not have a problem charging any devices.

It comes equipped with WiFi so you can integrate it into your Alexa Amazon smart home set up. Easily turn on or off your favorite radio with your voice commands. The good thing about this power strip is you can assign groups to your outlets and control them together. Schedule your morning coffee machine to turn on with your radio for example!

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4) Geeni SURGE Smart Wi-Fi

The Geeni SURGE smart WiFi power strip can easily become Alexa enabled. This power strip has a very easy setup, just plug and play. It has built-in WiFi, so no need for a separate hub or any difficult installations. All your devices can quickly become integrated into your smart home. With easy to use voice commands you can be turning things on when you need to. No matter where you are. With the Alexa integration, you could switch on your lights remotely. Or set up your lamps to turn on together on a random schedule.

All easily set up and controlled by your Amazon Echo. This Geeni power strip innovates many technologies to give your devices surge protection and also makes them smart devices.

5) WEILIANTE WiFi Smart Power Strip Socket Plug

The WEILANTE WiFi smart Power socket plug would be our last option that you can currently buy. It’s a great one though with 4 AC outlets and 4 USB ports. Fully compatible with Alexa and you can set up timers easily with your smartphone. Also giving you the peace of mind of knowing your devices are protected from a surge.

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This power strip may be on the bigger side but still, we found it easy to fit into our existing living room setup. Devices were quickly connected to our Alexa system and synchronized immediately. With this sort of smart setup in your home, you can just sit back and command your devices by voice via you Amazon Echo.

That has it for our top 5 Alexa compatible power strips, with any of these power strips you will set up a smart home in no time. No matter how old your device it, it can suddenly be accessible from anywhere. So which one did you end up using? We always want to know what our readers are using!