Best Amazon Alexa, Google Home Enabled Christmas Accessories

After publishing yesterday how you can control your Christmas lights with Alexa by the voice I have seen that the market has grown and now there are multiple Amazon Alexa (Echo) or Google Home accessories for Christmas that can be controlled only by voice. In this article, you will have a complete list with the best Alexa enabled accessories that you can use to make your house nicer and enjoy a more beautiful Christmas. Having everything controlled only with the voice is making everything easier and comfy.

Best Amazon Alexa, Google Home Enabled Christmas Accessories

Here we go, below you will find the complete list with the most beautiful Alexa accessories for Christmas.

Alexa, Google Home Controlled LED Strip Lights

The Alexa controlled Light Strips can be used outdoor or indoor. You can use them to make a beautiful atmosphere outside as they are long and waterproof. They connect to the wi-fi and can be controlled only by voice or with the phone App. They can be also used indoor to make a beautiful atmosphere in the kitchen or in your bedroom with the 16 million colors they have.  Below are the best most affordable Alexa Controlled LED Strip Lights:

Alexa Controlled Smart Laser Light

There aren’t a lot of options available when it comes to a smart laser light that can be controlled with Alexa, in fact only 1. A laser light is making different light models and it can cover your house or wall with various forms. You can control it with Alexa or with your phone or tablet. It has more than 4000 red & green pin-points, up to 1550 sq feet coverage at 26.25 feet. Below is the single Alexa enabled Smart Laser:

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Multi-Color Smart Bulbs Alexa, Google Home Enabled

Besides lights strips, another interesting accessory can be a smart bulb that is multi-color has party- mode and can be controlled with Alexa or your Google Home. You can have one installed and when you are in the mood for a light show you can tell Alexa or your Google Home to start the party. Smart multi-color light bulbs have 16 million colors, can listen to your music and sync with it. Below are the best smart LED bulbs that are Multi-color and they are working both with Alexa or Google Home.

Smart Plugs Alexa, Google Home Enabled

Another important Christmas Accessory would a smart plug that can be controlled by voice with Alexa or a Google Home speaker. Currently, there aren’t that many alternatives when it comes to Smart Christmas Accessories and a smart plug can be exactly what you need. With a smart plug, you just insert your Christmas Accessory and you let them ON and you control the smart plug with your voice after. You can insert anything you would think on and maybe you already have at home. There are indoor and outdoor smart plugs that can work with Alexa and Google Home, below is the list with the best one of them:

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Indoor Smart Plugs

Kasa Smart HS100 WiFi Smart Plug, Classic 1-Pack, White
Kasa Smart HS100 WiFi Smart Plug, Classic 1-Pack, White
Note: Requires a secured 2.4 gigahertz wifi network connection

Outdoor Smart Plugs



These are the most interesting Amazon Alexa, Google Home Enabled Christmas Accessories that currently exists on the market, with them, you can have a smart home and a smart Christmas 🙂