Best Amazon Echo Dot Portable Chargers

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The Amazon echo dot is the next nifty portable gadget that every household needs to take it into the world of Smart devices. You can look at it as your own personal assistant who never tires and is always ready to help, it begs no question to admit that we would love to have our virtual personal assistant around with us 24 hours a day always ready to pick up on our commands and help when needed. Also, remember that the Amazon Echo is not required to use the dot so don’t disregard the dot’s capabilities, it will give you an amazing hands-free experience and become the next technology that you find yourself relying on to perform daily tasks like setting the central heating times or turning on your sprinklers.

The problem of course with every portable device is battery life! I know I hear you shouting that you already have your smartphone’s battery to worry about you cannot possibly start thinking about ANOTHER device’s battery. Well, don’t worry there is some great solution to remain stress-free and keep your Amazon Echo Dot always fully charged, today we look at the best Amazon Echo Dot Portable Battery chargers that you can find.

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1) Itian Portable Power Bank Charger

The amazing Itian Portable charger will keep your Amazon Echo Dot charged up for an extra 12 hours, it also provides your device with some solid protection which is anti-stretching. An additional plus it has a smart charging system so you do not have to worry about leaving it plugged in and damaging your Amazon Echo Dot’s battery life. Not only that but it is also equipped with a USB outlet so you could also charge your phone if needed!

2) Houzetek Portable 10000mAh(10 Hours Working Time) Power Bank

The Houzetek is another strong candidate for your portable charger and is of quality design, it can allow your Amazon Echo Dot to charge up for an additional 10 hours of work while also charging your iPhone a fully 3 times! It is very stylish and of a minimalist theme allowing it to fit in any sized bag, so you will not have a problem transporting it around with you. It is equipped with intelligent charging meaning your devices are protected from overcharging.

3) Vproof Echo Dot Battery Charger

The Vproof portable charger power bank is a beautiful option for you, the sleek black design gives you a new nifty gadget to keep in your repertoire. Not on that but it boasts a 1000mAh battery which will provide you with an additional 12 hours of life on your Amazon Echo Dot’s battery, it also equates to about 30 hours of standby time. The good thing about the Vproof is they operate on a 100% customer satisfaction policy so if there is an issue with the device you will have great support from their service team. The battery charger comes with a 4 level LED indicator to let you know easily the level of the battery life.

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4) Engo Portable Battery base

The Engo battery base comes with a state of the art design which vastly improves the connector area and allows for a more durable charging session. This base is not flimsy at all and you will be hard-pressed to find a more endurant battery charger bank than this one. With this external pack, you will be able to easily take your Amazon Echo Dot into the kitchen, garden or to a party and not have to worry about it dying!

5) Kiwi Design Echo Dot Battery

The Kiwi design battery bank is a bit different from the options we have looked at first in the sense that this one is white and also comes equipped with some useful belt connectors so your device becomes portable safely. This is because it provides a docking tray where you can safely set your Amazon Echo Dot in and allow it to charge up for additional 10 hours, this battery bank will really allow you to enjoy your Echo Dot’s full potential.

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6) Smatree Portable Battery Base

The Smatree portable battery base boasts a whopping 6800mAh battery charge which can provide your Echo Dot device with an additional 13 hours use. The case itself will protect your Amazon Echo from any potential scratching and lets you rest easy knowing your Echo dot is safe. The LED indicators will let you know the battery life left in the charge and its sleek design fits well in any room in the household.

Hope this round up of Amazon Echo Dot portable battery cases was helpful for you in making your decision, please let us know in the comments below what case you went for!

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