Best Angular Online Courses and Training ( Free and Paid)

The angular web framework is often referred to as an open-sourced web which is type scripted. It is believed that Angular was founded by Google through its team that is focused on Angular. Other people or notable mentions who also contributed to the development of Angular would include a large group of people belonging to several corporations. The Angular framework is considered by some to be a modified version of the very first open source web of this king, the Angular JS.

You can find more about Angular in below video if you are a beginner:

Many people today have found that studying about Angular and how to use it has the ability to open up a lot of opportunities for them in their career and personal life. Are you looking to study about Angular? Here are some of the top courses which would help you do that in less than no time;

Best Free Agular Online Courses and Trainings

If you don’t have a budget to pay for a Angular online course than you can start with the below ones to get you started and after you can move to a paid one:

1. Angular for Beginners Course (includes FREE E-Book)

This is a free course that has 2h and 30 minutes that will introduce you to Angular and what it has to offer. This course will give you a practical hands-on introduction to the Angular framework. After taking this course you will feel very comfortable navigating the code of an existing Angular application and finding your way around, and you will know how to build your own custom components.

2. Angular – Mastering the Basics

Specifically for beginners, this course contains all the fundamentals you need to know, in one place, simplified and straight forward! 

The course will teach you the basic concepts of the angular framework including services and routing.

  • This course is for students who want to learn the basics of angular framework

Best Paid Agular Online Courses and Trainings

1.      Angular 7

Angular 7 can be said to be the latest upgrade of the angular version 2 because the angular 7 course begins from the basics of the angular course series. There will be no need to start from the angular 1 or angular 2 because the angular 7 covers all the information form angular 1 and even some additional information for better work results.

This course will also make available to students very useful information such as how to make use of Angular forms as well as featuring a complete project thereby allowing students make use of what they have learned from this course. Angular is said to be among the most modern of latest of its kind considering how recent it is and the major upgrades that have been made available.

The performance efficiency of Angular is top notch, as well as its front end framework that has been designed powerfully and up to standard. The Angular allows you to develop and build user-friendly web with great interphase and wonderful user experience to crown it all. The angular 7 courses will take you through the very first setup down to the deployment level. The Angular is here to make sure you have all it takes to start developing and creating angular applications right now. You will study and comprehend;

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·         Components

·         Services

·         Authentication

·         Directives

·         Forms

·         HTTP access

·         Offline compilation and how to optimize an angular app with modules and then the final deployment.

This course will open a broad way to developing amazing applications right now, therefore, using the many breathtaking features.

To take this course, you can expect to devote about 28-29 hours watching videos based on what is being taught. You would also have to read about 40 articles and download about 99 resources. There are also assignments to keep in mind as they are quite important. After this, you would be given a certificate showing that you have successfully completed the course.

2.      Angular NodeJS with Udemy

This course promises to be enlightening as it contains well-detailed explanations of the different concepts of the very large application on which this course is based. During this course, you should be able to devote about 12-13 hours on this course. You would also be required to download over 19 articles and 40 resources to aid your learning process. At the end of the program, you would be given a certificate showing you have passed the course. You would also learn some many things. You will learn to;

·         Setup nodeJS

·         To use Express and nodeJS thoroughly

·         Building components in angular that are reusable and using the angular tools to create a reactive sure experience.

·         Connecting the angular app with your nodeJS backend

·         Proceeding to make upgrades by adding advanced features.

·         Securing application by user implementation.

3.      React JS, Angular and Vue JS with Udemy

In this course, you will be introduced to the three most important frameworks in JavaScript (Angular, react JS, and Vue JS). The similarities and differences if these JavaScript frameworks will be expressly pointed out you to enable you to choose other resource and framework to dive into. This bedrock foundation allows for the best of choices.

During the period of this course,

·         You will be introduced to the Java world as we know it today

·         You will be shown thoroughly explains examples why you do not need only vanilla JavaScript

·         You will be given a clear overview of the JavaScript framework.

·         You will be introduced to the web back and its importance.

·         A comparison of the three most important frameworks in JavaScript will be expressed to you in detail.

4.      Angular essentials (angular 2+ with typescript) with Udemy

Angular is undeniably amazing. This JavaScript framework makes it possible to create and build small, medium and large single page applications (SPA). Considering that fact that most modern applications are created as single line applications, the skill of creating a single one application is now a trend and is on very high demand in the web development industry. This course although shorter, holds important insight needed in the Angular course series. It gives details on the core angular features and how to create an Angular app from start to finish. Some of the topics you will learn are

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·         What is Angular?

·         What is typescript?

·         What role do components play and how can you use them?

·         How do angular apps start and how do they work?

·         How do you debug your app?

·         How do you bind and pass data?

·         How do you manage the application?

·         How do you use 3rd party is libraries?

·         How do you build your project, optimize it and deploy it?

·         How do you use the form to handle user input?

·         How can an application state with services be managed?

·         How do you send requests with HTTP?

·         How can CLI be used to create?

This course is also a big plus for those that have already developed interest and knowledge of Angular in the past but are in need of refreshing their memory and skill in this high demand web development industry as quickly as possible.

5.      Angular JS

Unlike the modern web development industry, Angular JS is a skill developed over time that will push your service into the market. In this course, detailed explanation and practical will be carried out. During this course, you should be prepared to give about 7 hours of your time watching videos which would help you understand the concepts properly. You would need to download about 5 articles, 33 resources and a certificate at the end of the program. In addition to that, you will learn

·         How Angular JS operates with regard to directives, watchers, digest loop, two-way data binding

·         Fundamental JavaScript and HTML principles.

·         Design custom directives.

·         Code custom services.

·         Build a single page application using Angular JS

6.      Angular course for beginners with Udemy

This course is also regarded as the course that would teach a rookie on Angular frameworks everything that they would have to do right until they become a pro.

However, to learn this course effectively, you would have to be prepared to give the lectures about 29 hours watching videos, read about 10 articles and download over 38 resources before you can be handed a certificate of completion.

When taking this course, you would learn about;

·         What you would need to make sure that you develop into a developer and probably have a long successful career

·         You would learn about how you can create and execute applications that are based on Angular using the real world.

·         You would be able to learn and use the best methods of creating any applications which you like.

Interested in taking this course? If you are, then you would need to make sure that you get yourself familiar with some other concepts such as the HTML and JavaScript. You would however not need to have knowledge of Angular before the course kicks off

7.      The perfect Angular crash course for the Pro developer with Udemy

If you are quite the busy developer and therefore have no time to take the full Angular course, then this course would be perfect for you. It allows you to be able to learn everything that you have to know in ten hours.

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You would also need to read about five articles and there are about 4 resources that would come in handy that is downloadable.

When you take this course, you would be able to learn;

·         The very fundamental principles that make up Angular

·         You would be able to find the best solution to all the routine errors

·         How to write codes which are better, neater and even more maintainable

If you are interested in writing this course, then you would be happy to know that all you would need for this course is the fundamental knowledge of HTML and JavaScript. You would have no need to have any knowledge on Angular.

8.      Front to Back with Angular

This course which is available on Udemy would give you the chance to master Angular 5 from the very last to a high level. This would also allow you to have some application of the Firestore in a bid to show you how authentication works.

If you decide to go with this course, you should be ready to give about 11-12 hours of your time learning. You would also be required to learn about 58 resources which are all downloadable. Here are some things which you can expect to learn from this course;

·         You would learn how to make single page applications. This would be done through the use of the Angular 5+

·         you would also be able to master the various concepts which make up the Angular

·         You would learn of the various ways in which Bootstrap can be combined with Angular to get the best out of projects.

9.      Front-End JavaScript with Coursera

This course would help you to learn more about the framework which are based on JavaScript much better concentrating on the Angular framework. At the end of this course, here are some of the things which you should be able to do;

·         You would be able to know your way around the JavaScript framework and the angular also with ease.

·         You would be able to operate applications with ease when using the Angular framework and be able to execute applications that are of a single page.

·         Using the Angular, you would be able to create a web application is front-end in nature.

To complete this program effectively, you would have to complete about 38 hours of lectures which would also include videos that would be shown in the English Language.

10. Learning AngularJS

This course would allow you to be able to master everything that you need to do about the AngularJS. This would be taught in conjunction with the concepts that make the JavaScript what it truly is. At the end of the course, you would be able to build an application that runs on a single page.

To get the best out of this course, you would need to devote at least 7 hours of your time on the videos that make up the course, read about 5 articles and download over 33 resources. You can have no doubt that it would be an amazing course.