Best AirPods Alternatives

Best Apple AirPods Alternatives For 2019

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From elegant design, long battery life, intelligent functionalities like summoning Siri and wireless charging, Apple AirPods stand one of the best wireless earphones in the market. Perhaps the absolute best. Certainly, Apple has developed its pieces to completeness. Surely, many who have used them can ascertain this statement. But if you would love to explore new experiences or maybe some cheaper wireless earbuds, there are tons of alternatives that can substitute AirPods.

These AirPods alternatives come with different prices, designs, colors that take care of every customer taste and preference in the market. As a common knowledge, Apple is one of the most established brands in the globe. So does its products. For these brands, you will have to cough handsome amounts to process them compared to their peers or alternatives in the market. For this reason, one might want to use the alternatives instead to enjoy a similar experience of a person using AirPods.

What should your AirPod Alternative Have?

First, for your choice to qualify as an alternative, they have to be of the same functionality as original AirPods. This means the alternatives should have the following features and abilities.

  • W1 chip or Bluetooth connectivity. This chip enables devices to devices to pair with others. It is also compatible with Bluetooth devices.
  • Ability to easily pair with your phone. Your wireless earphones should easily connect with your iPhone or whatever phone you are using.
  • Just like AirPods, they must have long battery life. Airpods can last up to 5 hours of playtime. An alternative whose playtime is considerably less, should not be considered as a good alternative.
  • Excellent sound projection. If the sound projected matches or betters that of AirPods, then the chosen alternative will be a great addition.
  • Ability to pair with other devices like televisions, watches, MacBook’s and other digital devices which Airpods can connect to.
  • Ability to summon Siri. This can be interesting. If your alternative earphones can support this, then I don’t call it an alternative, they are AirPod substitutes.

I scrapped the internet and examined the various alternatives for AirPods available. This enabled me to round up the best AirPods alternatives for you. I will give a list of cheap and also expensive AirPods alternatives that you can go for. Let’s start with the expensive substitutes for your AirPods.

Absolute Best AirPods Alternatives

Powerbeats Pro

The Powerbeats Pro

Completely wireless, these pieces offer you 9 hours of listening time. They can last even up to 24 hours when using a charging case. Just like Airpods accessories, they come with secure adjustable and well-fitting ear hooks.

Their unique design makes them resistant to water. This is a relief for those who sweat a lot from workouts and exercising. They also have track controls on each earbud. Powerbeats have various voice capabilities.

Samsung Galaxy Buds

Samsung Galaxy Buds

Samsung wireless buds are one of the most appealing Airpod alternatives from our list. They easily pair with androids and iOS devices via Bluetooth connection. You can automatically sync them with your android device.

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For those using iOS devices, this one can summon your iPhone voice command popularly known as Siri. An interesting addition is the Ambient Mode feature. With this feature, you cannot miss a flight announcement It also comes with the ability to control the surrounding noise to enhance your listening. You can achieve this by triggering Ambient Aware.

If you placed your bet on sound, then you won’t lose. The audio is excellent and makes your listening experience fantastic. Their sound is AKG tuned which you can change from the various sound ranges using volume driver. Also, you can customize your bass using an optimized driver.

Samsung Galaxy Buds power lasts up to 6 hours and its reserve from the case will take you the next 7 hours. The case also acts as a wireless charger.

The splash technology provides for water-resistant in case of spills, splashes or even sweats. I would say these buds are worth their price.

Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones

Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones

Your connectivity just turned easier with this Bose SoundSport. With Bose Active EQ, a wireless connectivity technology, you can make your Bluetooth or NFC pairing very easy and is also aided by voice prompts.

Their power can last 6 hours long enough to serve you the entire training session. With sweat and weather resistance, they are reliable while jogging or exercising.

There are many Bluetooth earbuds in the market which will fight for your cash and the competition isn’t easing any soon. At 129 US dollars, Bose SoundSports are pricey for sports earbuds. The pieces, however, don’t come with luxuries like mp3 playback and heart rate monitor.


Contrary to many earbuds, Nuheara IQbuds don’t make a great visual statement. The better part of them will be hidden by the ears, unlike the AirPods which hangs out of the ears. They are small in size so make a point of not losing them.

OQbuds are a great comfort in the ears where you should insert them tip facing down. Your comfort is enhanced with their wonderful fit rubber flange tips which come in different sizes. With audio-filtration technology, you can have them playing audio in your ears and stay completely aware of what is happening in the surrounding. Their superior sound and comfortably fit in the years

They are also sweating and water-resistant. The battery can last 20 hours for Bluetooth-on-the go streaming 32 hours of on-the-go Hearing Processing. This makes them the best-in-class as far as battery life is concerned.

Best Cheap Apple AirPods Alternatives

Now let’s have a look at something more friendlily to your pocket. If you want something that gives value to your money, then this roundup will help you have it.

JLab Audio JBuds Air Executive True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

JLab Audio JBuds Air Executive True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Wireless earbuds can be expensive especially for those having kind of a tighter budget. But you can still have a great experience with sub-50$ JLab JBuds Air. With dual microphones and EQ sound settings, their sound cannot be easily matched. Making calls is like a one-on-one conversation with crystal clear clarity (C3), feature. JBus enables for noise isolation where one bud picks up and isolates surrounding noise while the other captures your voice and enhance the clarity of your conversation wherever you are.

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JLab Audio JBuds Air Executive earbuds are water and dust resistant. Their design makes them fit extremely well in your ears making it impossible to remove them unintentionally. Fits even better if you install the Cush-Fins. Aside from that, they are perfect for training indoors. The buds come enabled with noise isolation feature. This helps keep you safe when on sidewalks and walk paths.

They have a battery life of six hours, and an addition of 10 hours with the charging case. This should be remarkably sufficient for your commutes and workouts.

I would say this JLab JBuds Air should be given a try. They sound dramatically cheap for their great technology especially if you are accustomed to AirPods and other competing brands which range above 100 $.

FOCUSPOWER F10 Mini Bluetooth Earbud

FOCUSPOWER F10 Mini Bluetooth Earbud

These tiny wireless earbuds come with a unique feature that enables them to connect to devices at the same time. You can have them hidden in your canals thanks to their tiny design. They can connect to both Android and iOS devices within a range of up to 33 fits. With ERD technology and Bluetooth version of 4.1, the pairing process is easy and instant

Most cheap Apple AirPod alternatives have an average battery life that hardly matches that of expensive packages. But with FOCUSPOWER F10 Mini Bluetooth Earbud, you are exempted. The pieces can last 7 hours listening time. And 5 hours when the volume is at full blast.

These wireless headphones come with an 18-month warrant adding more value to your money and quality assurance.

Upgraded 2019 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Upgraded 2019 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

These are one the most perfect wireless companion you will find at a very affordable price in the market. Its case supports charge-on-go a feature loved by most outdoor people. You will need to charge once for your entire day’s experience. This is due to its long battery life of 24 hours.

Their design depicts something of note which adds elegance to quality. They come with ear tips to enhance ear grip and prevent them from falling off. The ear tips come in two different sizes.

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They connect to iPads, iPhones, and mac and android devices within the range of ten meters. If you want something waterproof with a capability of noise isolation.

Upgraded 2019 Bluetooth Earbuds Smallest Wireless Earbuds Mini Bluetooth 5.0

Upgraded 2019 Bluetooth Earbuds Smallest Wireless Earbuds Mini Bluetooth 5.0

They don’t come with a one-word brand name, but this doesn’t take away their quality and great features which make them perfectly stand-in for your Apple AirPods. They are designed to fit snuggly inside which makes them safe and ensure that they cannot fall from the ears.

They have superior HD sound which can be attributed to the Bluetooth 5.0 addition. You can enhance your experience with customizable bass and treble which you can tune to your liking.

Pretty much like the AirPods, you can connect them to your iwatch, iPhone, MacBook or other android devices. Furthermore, answer or reject calls or activate your voice assistant Siri on your iOS device.

These wireless earbuds come with an on-the-go charging case which helps you enjoy up to 18 hours of extra charge adding to the basic 6 hours of a single charge. This gives you a whole day of an incredible experience with your pieces. Be party to their great experience with just 49.99 dollars.

SoundPEATS True Wireless Earbuds 5.0

SoundPEATS True Wireless Earbuds 5.0

SoundPEATS True Wireless offers great performance for a pocket-friendly price. Their ability to isolate ambient noise makes them perfect for making calls anywhere. Their sound is great which makes them perfect for your cool afternoons in your office.

Their designs resemble an oval shape with a rod extruding which are meant to enter your ear canals. You can have them on and people fail to notice especially if you have long hair. The solid design makes them dense to survive drops. With splash and sweat resistance, they will be a perfect addition if your love workouts.

Battery life is a real concern with wireless earbuds but with SoundPEATS, you don’t have to concern yourself. You will have three hours of playtime with the charging case guaranteeing an extra 12 hours.

Their package comes with a charging case, micro USB charging cable three pairs of ear tips. At a price of 59 US dollars, you will have perfect wireless earbuds at a pleasing low budget.

Diginex Bluetooyh Earbuds

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For 49.95 US dollars, even the tightest budget can afford this. I choose to start with the price so that you can see the quality that comes with it. These midnight black wireless buds come with high fidelity C3 sound. With its deep clear bass, this is the perfect piece to stream your music.

Most of us use their wireless earbuds when commuting, in the office or when busy with their workouts. This makes battery life a concern before making a purchase decision. Dignex Bluetooyh Earbuds takes 1 hour to charge and lasts for 9 hours. Long enough to have made the better part of your day.

An interesting addition that comes with Dignex Bluetooyh Earbuds is the Liquipel Nano Coating protection. This helps your earbuds survive splashes, sweaty workouts and I by accident you dropped them in water.

These AirPod alternatives have a magnetic necklace design that makes sure your buds are safe and you can easily insert them in your ears without necessarily searching your pockets.

Their range is also incredible. At 45 feet away from your device, you can still make clear calls or listen to your music. Go for Dignex Bluetooyh Earbuds and enjoy a great experience.

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