Best Apple Watch Chargers

The Apple Watch is a great gadget that you pick to help you with your daily routine. And like most gadgets you always have some cool accessories you can pick up. Like a smartphone, your Apple watch is going to need charging. And if you want it to sit securely at night while charging, then you need a good charger. Or better yet a little docking station for your device. Don’t worry we have rounded up some of the best Apple Watch Chargers for you to check out.

A charger stand is definitely a worthwhile investment for you to give your Apple watch. It will keep the battery charged while you are sleeping but it also keeps your device at a perfect height for display. The default stand is basic and bit of a fiddle so we have looked into the best Apple Watch chargers you can find.

So read on and learn about our Top 4 Apple Watch Chargers and all their functionalities.

1) Native Union DOCK for Apple Watch

The Native Union Dock for Apple Watch is a fantastic charger for your new device. It looks amazing and can be used vertically or even horizontally. It is made from matt graphite silicone so it has a superb finish and looks sleek. This stand also comes together with a neat aircraft grade aluminum which gives it a sturdy feel. No cheap plastic that snaps apart, this dock is here to stay and charge your Apple Watch to 100%

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It has a nifty rotating arm which lets you put the Apple Watch at any angle you need. Also, the graphite comes in multiple colors so you can find one that fits nicely in your bedroom. All the metals on the stand are finished to match the watch so it is a charger that goes really well when partnered with the Apple Watch.

2) Nomad Stand for Apple Watch

Nomad Stand is a great charger to pick up. Very minimalist looking but still gives you all that charging functionality you need. An elegant charger that will look sleek in your bedroom. The magnetic charger ensures your watch stays secure so you do not have an accidental fall.

It comes with a nice selection of different colors like space gray or silver. And the foot is a non-slip rubber so no chance of it flying off your nightstand. The copper ballast makes sure your watch stays where it is meant to be, close and in reach. No problem of missing work, the alarm on your Apple Watch will always stay charged.

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3) Twelve South HiRise Duet

Twelve South HiRise is a dual charging station for Apple products. It can safely charge your iPhone and Apple Watch through the night while you sleep. The watch rests on a soft leather rest which is very secure. It will ensure your watch does not get knocked off and damaged while charging.

A very nice investment to keep your devices charged. It has a rubber base so it sits easily on your nightstand. Also, the watch sits at a perfect angle so you can still use it while it is charging. The stand comes in silver or black so will fit easily into any sort of bedroom decor.

4) Griffin WatchStand Powered Charging Station

Griffin WatchStand charging dock is a great choice for your Apple Watch charger. This charger comes packed with features to make sure your watch stays charged. It is cheaper than the other options we have looked at but still can hold an iPhone so remains a great choice. The original magnetic cable wraps elegantly around the stand hiding it away from sight.

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An elegant and minimalistic choice that looks great in your bedroom and will keep your watch sufficiently charged up during the night. If you are looking for a sturdy charger than this is definitely an option for you. Not to mention it can also keep your iPhone charged at the same time, which is a nifty extra feature.

There you have it, that would be our Top 4 choices for Apple Watch chargers. We hope you had a fun reading through our suggestions.

Do let us know what charger you picked up to pair up with your watch! We always want to know what gadgets our readers are using today.

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