Best Apple Watch Leather Bands

Sure, we have telephones now, that can always tell us the time with little to no difficulty, but what about our need to accessorize? Income the Smart Watches, the products that make you feel like good old Chronos itself, but a lot more fashionable and techier. What about those of us that want a more authentic touch, a trip back in time to the watch our dear old grandpa used to have? Apple has your back with those wonderful leather bands.

Mkeke Apple Watch Band

This watch band really knows how to get your interest by throwing in that all awaited assurance: genuine leather. Why go for synthetic when the natural product is so fine, offers more quality, and let’s face it, it just looks better. It’s not any sort of leather. It has anti slip and sweats absorbent qualities, that’s on the list of things you never really thought about, but it’s quite convenient and you’d be glad to have it. The buckle is nice and sturdy, and I’m sure happy for that since it has to hold off that real Crazy Horse leather.

COVERY 42MM iWatch Band

Similar to the other one, but available in 8 different colors. Not Crazy Horse this time, but still, top quality, genuine leather. Comfortable and permeable, it will give your wrist the general good feeling that it deserves, and that because you can adjust it so smoothly that it will seem made especially for you. It promises security and a solution for unwanted issues by permitting replacements or refunds. And that for the first 18 months after purchase, so that is extremely generous of them.

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Fullmosa Yan Calf Leather Band

Again the assurance of genuine material comes first, but this time there’s more. This Grain Calf leather band is free of any hazardous or toxic substances while remaining elegant and pleasing to the touch.  They took some liberty with the general structure of it by adding cross stitched collars to ensure durability, reliability and a nice secure place for your ban strap. Some may say that buyers just like the aspect of it more than the use. Do not forget that many times different is good, even if the unique factor is some tiny extra collar. Available in many desirable colors and easy to install, this one is a band to keep in mind.

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JSGJMY Apple Watch Band


Here’s one for the ladies. Even though some of the other mentions on this list had the color selections that would surely please the delicate beings, the JSGJMY is directly marketed to them. And deep inside they all like this exclusive aspect. Even if you did not know that’s for women, you just have to take a glimpse at the description, starting with a clear tell-tale sign: a suggestion for an apple watch that would match the color of the band’s adapter and buckle. Apart from that, the features are most common. Genuine calf leather that is skin friendly and comfortable, easy installation, sturdy adapter, and a nice juicy one year warranty. A jewel to fit any queen.

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Marge Plus Apple Watch Band

The Marge Band is pretty as it can be, with its, of course, genuine leather, that also has a fashionable craftsmanship. We meet again with the anti-slip and the sweat-absorbent features, topped off with a nice classic buckle. And the Crazy Horse leather. Boy did we not miss it? You can choose your favorite color from a nice available palette. But the one feature that gives it some original spunk it’s reinforced connector. And when I say reinforced I really mean it. With its upgraded screw really cramped up in there with glue and sheer force, the producers claim that the band will never break. And it’s a full caps never so, we know it’s the real deal.  Yes, the description is a little wonky, but the product itself surely deserves a chance.

So, now you know. The world of Apple watch leather bands it’s full of genuine, comfortable products and it’s hard to point out only one as ‘the one’ since personal aesthetics matter a great deal in this situation. The choice is yours only, dear reader. May it be smart.

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Note: View the product’s description to see the Apple series that it’s compatible with.

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