Best Bluetooth Keyboards for iPhone XS Max

If you are ever faced with the urge to respond fast to an email or do a report with the absence of a laptop, you need to have a keyboard.
Now, which is the best keyboard for your iPhone XS Max? It is important to have a keyboard which enables you to enjoy typing while offering you the much-needed convenience wherever you are.
Some of the Bluetooth keyboard devices listed below are sure to accord you convenience, fast and accurate response to your emails. In some, your gaming experience is enhanced so that you don’t miss a single experience!

5. Duragadget Ultra-mini Portable keyboard

This is one of the sleekest keyboards in the market. You could actually have it stuffed into your pocket on the go. It gives you the convenience and is highly portable. It has a powerful Bluetooth range of 10 metres radius from where the user can gain unfettered access to all the functions of his/her iPhone functions.
It also features a rechargeable Lithium-ION battery with a USB charger. This ensures ease of charging, and it is also compatible with the iPhones.

4. IKOS Foldable Keyboard

This Bluetooth keyboard enables you to operate your iPhone Xs Max without the fear of slow speed and typos. This futuristic keyboard is foldable thereby giving it a sleek design. Additionally, it saves on space and could easily fit into a backpack without protruding.
It features a standby battery life of 60 days and a continuous usage time of up 45 hours. This iPhone XS Max keyboard has smart connection Bluetooth which ensures compatibility with Android, iOS and Windows.
Additionally, It comes with a protective case which doubles as the iPhone XS max stand. Its 110 mAH battery capacity takes 3-4 hours to charge.

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3. IKOS Bluetooth Keyboard with touchpad

This new brand of IKOS keyboard comes complete with a super responsive touchpad which allows you to proceed with your business without a mouse. This Bluetooth keyboard for iPhone XS Max has a working time of 48 hours to serve your typing even when you are on a safari.
It is highly portable with a foldable design to save on space. Also, it has an automatic sleep function which allows you to save energy!

2. Arteck 7-colour back-lit Bluetooth keyboard

Arteck Bluetooth features an awesome typing experience with magical colours to ensure all keys are visible, and you get to choose which colour to work with. These colours range from deep blue, soft blue, bright green, soft green, red, purple and cyan
Its high capacity battery allows you to go on with your typing or gaming without major interruptions on the job. Also, it is compatible with most devices apart from just the iPhone XS max.

1. Havit Gaming Keyboard

The Havit gaming keyboard gives you a mix of comfort and value. Its specially enhanced keyboard allows users to operate a record of up to 19 keys without conflict! This improves your gaming experience and could enhance your typing speed.
Moreover, you do not drivers to facilitate its installation to new devices. This means the Havit device offers a wider compatibility with all the other operating systems.
Its LED back-lit keyboard provides you with one of the best visibilities from wireless keyboards.
It comes fitted with five multimedia keys to enhance your music, movie or gaming experience. This Bluetooth keyboard also has a mouse resolution of 3200DPI.

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