Best Cell Phone Signal Boosters

unnamedWe are surrounded by gadgets and service providers that promise to keep us connected via all the possible means of communications. In just a few years, mobile technology has evolved from the 3G to 4G and promises to go even further. But, frustrating as it might be, each of us, had a moment when we run out of signal when we need it the most.

Cell phone signal boosters promise to manage the two factors that determine poor cell phone reception. Designed to amplify a weak outside signal, they also overpass any blockage to ensure a strong inside signal to an area that was originally deficient.

In the following post you can read about the Best Cell Phone Signal Boosters on the market and decide if they are something you might benefit for your family or business.

Wilson Electronics – DB Pro – Cell Phone Signal Booster

With professionalism and trustworthy products, Wilson Electronics is regarded as reliable source for improving your cell phone reception- whether you travel much and need to be connected no matter the godforsaken place you happen to be in, or you just can’t get a signal in your house or office.

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One of Wilson’s most popular packages is the DB Pro cellular signal booster- a  dual-band (800 &1900 MHz) wireless amp system for both private and business use. Enjoy significantly improved voice and data performance for various cell phones. It covers most North American providers: Cellular (824-894 MHz) and PCS (1850-1990 MHz). This 65 dB booster has the advantage of matching high performance with ease of installation. It can also be used with an Omni-directional gain antenna with multiple mounting options that eliminates researching cell tower locations and antenna orientation.



Samsung Network Extender Verizon Wireless Signal Booster

Network Extender allows you to begin a call on the Network Extender network and enjoy    a continuous transition to the nearest cell tower when leaving the Network Extender coverage area, as long as a viable alternative exists . It is compatible with all Verizon Wireless phones and some of the main phone service providers on the market. It backs up Text, Picture and Video messaging, Web Browsing, Smartphone/BlackBerry email and data, V CAST Video & V CAST Music and Mobile Broadband.

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Wireless Extenders zBoost Dual-Band Cell Phone Signal Booster

zBoost SOHO cell signal booster provides a larger Cell Zone™ for multiple users and devices operating on 800 and 1900 MHz frequency bands.The extended 3000 square feet of signal makes it ideal for both private and business use. The package includes everything you need: base unit, base unit antenna, power supply, low-loss SATV coaxial cable RG-59 (mini), signal antenna and mounting hardware.



Wilson Electronics – Mobile Wireless – Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit for Vehicle

If you travel a lot by car in various areas and you need to have a constant cell signal, you will appreciate the cell phone signal booster kit for vehicle, from Wilson Electronics. Use it when you are in a car, truck, RV or boat to enjoy a fewer dropped calls, faster data rates and better signal strength. It works great with multiple cell phones and data cards in the same time and it adjusts to all North American service providers, both Cellular (824-894 MHz) and PCS (1850-1990 MHz).

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These are some really useful accessories when you live in an area with frustrating “dead points” , where you can experience dropped calls or interference. Great for private use but also for business, they come in packages that include all you need to install them. On the go or indoors, they will make you forget about lost signal, interrupted phone calls and other inconveniences.